Meet the free online game about brave hero Thor comics. It protects Asghar heavenly city from the enemy, armed with incredible abilities and endurance.

Top free games are open to fans of comic books and newcomers who learn this fantastic world. The protagonist is a member of the Avengers team, while the Scandinavian god. This is one of the most attractive characters super heroes, with a strong character and physical stamina. On it is composed of many stories and popularity rating it takes pride of place in the fourteenth hundred. He is a hero movies, cartoons, image for toys, emblems and logos. It's hard to imitate, because of its ability unique. In his power to command the elements of nature, to move in time to hear the rustle of the opposite poles of the planet, to see objects moving at the speed of light, and most develop similar acceleration. Due to its invulnerability, earthy illness he was not afraid, and magic to influence it is almost impossible. Even wounds received in battle dragged on it instantly, and he is able to grow a severed body part. The only thing he is not subject to it to control the elements caused by magic, and if you destroy his magic hammer Mjolnir, Thor becomes vulnerable. Homeland Torah - Asghar, and parents - Gay and One. On his land all different power, but even among his fellow Thor one of strongest. Thanks golden apples of Eden, he possesses immortality, and when someone feels the this feature, it sometimes flies off the rails and becomes dangerous. When Thor enters a state of Berserker, Warrior Madness that is, he can attack even on its own, because no longer control himself, but is able to withstand the ice giants for about a year, forgetting the food, rest and water. Games Thor 2 fully unveil super hero abilities, forcing players might wonder, which he endowed. Even bare fists Thor can put in place a giant, but if he was armed ax, his hammer, mace or sword against him there is no salvation. It will cause a storm and hurricane, and then order him to grow to a global scale, but if necessary, he would reduce it to the size of the local, short-range and apply a small area. Also Mjolnir, Thor has a belt of strength, which increases its mighty power and so several times. When these two artifacts together with the hero, he's better not to get involved and not anger. Seizing the hammer, he goes to travel through the worlds discourages energy attacks, develops super speed, controls the weather conditions. In his arsenal have super hits: kick gods antiudar and thermal shock. Contact Thor with a hammer so large that they become an indivisible whole. Cost owner throw him in Asgard, he obeys and goes home, but when it becomes necessary again - certainly come back. You often see this inseparable couple playing free games Thor. Also, the character has a magical team of goats in a chariot on which he dissects, taking the company from a group of best friends Avengers. You still have to clear the enemy from Asgard Thor during the game and the kingdom of darkness to repel cosmic threat. Enough work on Earth, because Surtur, Trolls, Ulik, Demons, Fenris, Gela and Ice Giants raise the head and remind myself from time to time. But with Thor they do not compete, especially as he helped Modoc, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyclops and the other team. Whether it is a tower defense, one person or the Earth as a whole, without the Torah with your friends do not. Good that we have someone to rely on in this harsh, unpredictable hour when many enemies reared its head.