The Avengers free online games are invited to join the brave superheroes, rose to defend the fragile peace of the city, saving its inhabitants from supervragov.

The Avengers Games have become an ideal continuation of the popular Marvel comic book and movie. Now everyone can join in the process of passing the heroic events and take part in many battles. Captain America, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man and other heroes, just glad your help. Each of them represents the power and strength, which can not stand against the enemy. Do evil forces too many assistants, weapons and they have unique abilities, which are difficult to break. Mobilizing courage, deduction and logic, you will offer them a decent resistance, and the team will provide direction for the Avengers to victory. Adventure lovers will certainly become active participants in the events that develop games Lego Avengers. There are opportunities for developing agility, strength, accuracy and speed. At your disposal will be a weapon, but often have to work with their fists. See how selflessly toy characters reveal themselves in the fight against evil. Earth moving on space invaders, seeking to crush our army and enslave earthlings. Managing their spaceship to repel the attacks of the enemy, to prevent the landing of enemy ships on the planet. Each character has its own story, which is amazing. The authors tried to present their colorful and inventively, and free games Avengers picked start and developed the idea. Genetic mutants children laboratory errors, rabid robots, fantastic creatures, and many other manifestations of dangerous world eager to establish his authority. But they did not expect such a fierce resistance from the wells, which also has a heavy fists and iron will. Sometimes heroes act independently, but often act as a group to make sure I beat all the germs of danger. Free games Avengers invite gamers team brave knights, that they brought their contribution to the triumph of justice. Spider-Man - a clever guy who gracefully flies between skyscrapers on them woven web. He firmly secures it to steep surfaces and quickly moves in space. His skills allow him to remain undetected and strike from the rear. However, he's a ladies' man - look at how skillfully he handles the girls, giving them spider passionate kiss. In contrast, it appears green and terrible Hulk. This is not scattered on sentiment and directs fury on permission. Wag the fist and the building shattered into splinters. Another flick, and the tree is turned out by the roots. Stop this is unrealistic, but maybe you can. Captain America saves the city from the meteor shower, protected by a powerful shield. He has many other tasks, for example, go through the military bases of the enemy and liberate the prisoners. He also opposes the hydra army that managed to capture the city and tend to blow it to make dimensional portal. Together with Thor, you will learn to control the body in flight and at the same time defeat the enemy, inflicting devastating, powerful blows with a hammer. Do not be surprised to see a confrontation between two members of the Avengers team. That they compete in force, and at the same time carry out the training. Starting Avengers game play, you will repeatedly be able to join him to choose sides, and even play with a friend on the same keyboard, where each character will be selected to manage the keys. And those who prefer a quiet chat, let open version colorings or puzzles, a maze or exit the space, which is full of traps.