Team Umizoomi online games will entertain the kids and be acquainted with the protagonists of Milli, Geo and Bot. They are fun to play and develop, taking part in adventures.

The golden rule of all children's computer games - entertain, educate. With these amusements small children feel confident and accustomed to use the computer, gaining experience for the future. Well, parents no longer need to spend money to buy new games and benefits for their children, because the role of the teacher instead operate products such as online games Umizumi. With funny characters: girl Millie, her brother Geo, and their best friend and companion robot, small children learn a lot of adventure, fun hold allotted to leisure time and easily learn how to solve assigned tasks. Exercises on mindfulness, observation, dexterity, ability to navigate in space and speed will ensure the development of the child. Simple instructions become initial knowledge base, based on which further education harmoniously go up. Team Umizumi game players will love the small due to its gaiety, enthusiasm, nontrivial ideas and themes. Each new mission accompanied by cries amicable heroes readiness to act. Colorful views and interesting ideas and cling to fascinate kids attention. Although each game is universal for children, but they can also be isolated in Umizumi games for boys, where they will compete in racing bikes and cars, collecting flags and stars, jump from a springboard, to repair the vehicle if a flat tire. More can be collected for parts helicopter, submarine and even a balloon. Every detail looks like a geometric figure that has to be found on the playing field. When she will be found, drag it to the diagram at the bottom. Gathering one device, you can safely move on to the next until all jobs Design will not be passed. Umizumi also have games for girls, where along with a little Millie have to make a lot of interesting activities, which also lies in the learning process. Playing hide and seek, the players will be looking for excitement heroine on the lawn, where she likes to spend most of their time. This restless at any moment may seem behind the statue, toy peeking out from behind a bush or tree. It's fast and restless and always changing position, trying to confuse you. And to keep her company, try to catch it every time it is shown giggling face in a new place. Yet it's big chistyulya and can not tolerate disorder. In one of the toys together with her, she offers to bring order to the beach, in the city and elsewhere. Sometimes people behave carelessly, throwing garbage just where rested, but there will always be such as Milli to collect it and send it to the trash. This observation on the fun, because the objects scattered in the most unexpected places, and they can be found even at the traffic lights and the window of the bus, but because cleaning turns into a detective game for girls Umizumi. Opening another toy, small children falls into a new story that promises fresh impressions. Assignments rescue mermaid and octopus win over, helicopter flights, diving, aquarium fish care, racing, exploring, solving puzzles and other activities sure to entertain and teach players important things. These include not only the logic of thinking, but also concepts such as mutual aid, friendship, sympathy. Together to perform heroic deeds are much easier, and the knowledge that one will necessarily help, support in a difficult situation, inspires confidence and adds strength.