Online Memory Games talking cat Tom

Talking Tom Cat games are available free on our portal. Play with him is a pleasure, because Tom reacts to your actions or act funny phrase.

Today, the game talking cat Tom lets play on personal computers, and in fact just recently had such an opportunity only the owners of gadgets with the operating system Android. But because the idea to adapt toys for different platforms is not so new, every novelty is embodied in various digital media. Now you can choose - install talking cat on the computer or play with it online. Each owner of a pet has always been interesting to know what he was thinking. Eyes - a mirror of the soul, but even in the mirror of the most beloved animal is difficult to read a specific phrase. You can catch his mood, state or desire, but true thoughts still remain an enigma. Games talking Tom cat free from almost opened to us the opportunity to talk face to face with a sweet Kotik. Although, finding the human voice, it is still not able to express their own thoughts, but only repeats what you say. Even such communication - great progress. How amusing to hear a cute cat voice repeating your words exactly! You must agree to the inclusion of a microphone and a webcam of your computer when the game it will ask you. However, if you do not have such technical possibilities, do not worry, because in your communication with this sweet Tom ends. Bridging italics mouse and clicking on the ears, feet, nose, belly and tail, the cat will react to your actions differently. Sometimes he would like your attention, but sometimes it can knock him out. And when Tom was going to faint from clicking the spout appears vicious dog-Chelobaka and pour a bucket of water on him. But do you know how much moisture does not like cat breed. Getting talking Tom cat play online, you will see several series in which Tom and his partner nasty dog ​​appear in different guises. To provide them the actions you are buttons with images. Clicking on one, you call Chelobaku and he behind Tom begins to spoil the air or clap empty package, scaring him and forcing jump to the chandelier. A button with feathers also does not broadcast anything good. When exposed to her dog Tom hit a pillow over her face and you only see his surprise. Next, go to the TV studio where Tom and became co-host Chelobaka programs about animals, according to the picture on the TV screen at the bottom of the table. And if you include a webcam, there will your face. In this game, too, have their own buttons, and you can use as a cat and dog. Sabres awaken in Chelobake beast and he will throw at Tom just in the studio, knocking him from his chair to the floor. Channel is a real scandal and because the image on the time to go out to the audience did not see this outrage. Clicking on an image's feet of any party, you provoke aggressive action against one character to another. Well, if they touch the tummy, they piled on the back of his chair. But during a romantic talking Tom cat games online, you will witness how Tom takes care of a white cat. Here, too, has its own nuances, and not always pleasant. For example, seeing a flower icon, you can imagine how Tom will present a bouquet of his lover, but really jumps out from behind the scenes kitten and brings down on the poor lover's head with a flower pot in it growing pots. Yes, and he was still Tom joker. Here he presents lady big box - a gift. But in fact it is a normal watermelon, and cat suits his admirers down. But a ring with a diamond takes favorably!