Game Swords and Sandals allowed to visit the scene of gladiators. Your task is to defeat all the opponents and become the champion.

Game Swords and Sandals for beginners gladiators. For those who want to be involved more in the gameplay, the game offers Swords and Sandals. Although the toy and looks childish drawing, events and stories in it enough to play exciting. If you love ancient history, you will find a series of amusing adventures of a hero who manages to get into trouble, but always finds a way to survive. In those days could save the life of a career gladiator. Though not a great chance, but it's better than certain death. You are different characters, and if you do not want to remain in human form, look at the range and choose: • Female image; • Skeleton; • Robot; • Mummy; • Elf; • Goblin. Now you have to give it unique features of appearance and characteristics. As published several series of games Swords and Sandals, you will find in each supplement with new features, where available: • Hairstyles, mustache, sideburns, beards; • The color of skin, even the most unusual; • The shape of the ears; • The level of protection; • Speed; • Health; • Charisma; • Force; • Growth; • The size of the muscles. Physical parameters is at zero, and the points you have little, so every skill increase by one point, all evenly distributed. Enemies at first not particularly strong, and consistent with the level of your character, so you can win by alternating strikes a psychological attack. When you will earn more points will be able to raise the minimum specifications. From the video, which starts each game, you'll learn about the life of the hero, and he found himself in a situation where the only way out was the career gladiator. The first part begins with a pirate ship. The hold has a whole team of gangsters, and as long as the storm plays with the ship, throwing it like a splinter, they were drinking rum and singing songs. It seems that no one cares that nobody at the controls, too, and it was a fatal mistake. The next moment the ship crashes into a huge iceberg, shatters into pieces and people drowned. Only the lucky ones who managed to get to shore, was our hero. When he came to, he saw unfamiliar terrain. He is hungry, his thirst, clothes torn, and ringing in the pocket a couple of coins. Now, one way - on gladiatorial arena. Go to the store and the blacksmith. Money better spend sparingly to buy only necessary for a debut. Not in the same loin bandage and with bare fists to appear. It is best to choose: • pants; • bandana; • Boots; • A short sword. Not great, but with the minimum feel comfortable. Winning battles, you earn more perfect equipment. The battle takes place in the style of turn-based strategy where attacks are transmitted opponents one by one. By clicking on the hero, you will see a list of its features, and you can choose the long and short lunges, jumps, sweeps, persecution. The latter requires a high level of charisma, to tease the enemy and then strike a devastating blow. The next adventure begins in the dungeons. The hero chained in a dark dungeon, but the free and given a choice - stay here and become a gladiator. Naturally, he chooses a scene, and it all starts over again. In the third video, he runs through the desert and to the top of the gameplay will click your mouse. Here for the purchase of many different products, and there's even a magic elixir that support power and bestowing life. The fourth part of a unique way of playing - stop spinning die and to take steps in accordance with the number drawn. Next, take the fight to mine gold and artifacts.