Surfing game - it's not just glide through the water on a board, but a dangerous proximity of sharks. Start playing online help heroes stay ahead.

Summer, alluring sea, enchanting beach. What more can you ask for? Active guests will say - about surfing. Indeed, what could be better than to conquer the waves, surf control and feel the ruler of the world? Who was the first to use surf? The first to conquer the waves, using the surf were Polynesians. These tribes inhabited the islands of the Pacific Ocean, in particular Hawaiian understood that some shore islands are not that available for normal swimming, so maneuvers used on the boards. Generally, in the culture of Hawaii, surfing took one of the most honorable places. People who know how to best handle the boards on dom, often received government positions. Surfing in Hawaii doing everything - from small to large. The first such entertainment Pacific Islander saw traveler - Captain Cook in 1778. Cook was struck by this strange pastime, but it came to his liking. What helped surfing to fame outside the islands? Of course, folks who could return to tell the residents of their countries and the rest of the world about this wonderful sport. These travelers were Mark Twain and New York journalist. It was after their articles in the New York Times - surfing has become internationally known. With the development of computer technology has become possible to dissect the waves on the board, without departing from the monitor. Surfing games that you can play online, become a real boon for avid surfers who long winter evenings only think about how to quickly become a favorite on the board. Surfing online free games can be used as a cure for boredom and sadness. Flash games developers have tried very hard to present fans of extreme sports on the water really high-quality product. You have a unique opportunity to become a legend of surfing without leaving home. Love beautiful slender surfer - play one of them, and show that girls in this case do not lag behind boys. Can not think of a suit in which to show off the next surfing season? Practise your choice on a flash game in which you need to find vestments surfer. One of the most popular games is "Surf mania". The essence of the game is as follows: You need to perform a variety of tricks on the high waves and dangerous, but not so simple as it seems. You have to constantly dodge obstacles comes his way. Is it the reefs, or barrels or boxes that have fallen from passing ships. Be vigilant and remember - you have only 3 lives. Interesting facts: • One of the strangest records in the surf - osedlanie waves on board a huge total length of about 15 meters. On the board at this time, 47 people attended. • Maximum number of surfers who saddled one wave -73 rights. • Record the number of days spent surfing -10,407. Only about 34 years spent on the waves. • In art there is the artistic direction of "surf art", which is represented all that is associated with surfing. • The biggest wave that has ever been saddled surfer was the height of 20 meters. • For surfers there own style of music called "surf rock." • In the 4 universities in the world, you can get a bachelor's degree in surfing. • Surfing hit the 20 most dangerous sports (we are talking about taking the big waves). • Longest "trip" on the wave was 3 hours and 55 minutes. Surfer rode a wave of nearly 70 kilometers.