Supermarket Mania game online

Offer to try yourself as a seller, playing free games online supermarket mania. Spoon the goods on the shelves, serving customers and earn points.

In today's society envisaged bad trend. It can rightly be called one of the disgusting displays of snobbery. It is about contempt for the people of the service sector. Now the situation is mirrored to what it was in the Soviet Union. At the time, the doctor, waiter, salesman at the store was a god who cling to the feet of ordinary citizens. Cling to the faint hope that the doctor for a box of chocolates or a bottle of scarce hard dostavaemyh spirits still treat it to your case closely, and not prescribe regular electrophoresis. The waiter had a magical power to organize at the entrance to the restaurant is a poor Soviet face-control, which did not dream today the most glamorous clubs. And do not let, for example, a girl in jeans, because in such places should go in full dress. And then another, and serve on the principle: You here a lot, and I am one. Well, the seller owned the magical ability to get out from under the counter what homo Sovetikus could dream for years - the same perfume, imported tights and always sought toilet paper. Now the situation has changed. Following the example of a frighteningly tasteless Russian singer came into wide use word Chaldeans. And on all sides there were people in almost the same position. Wanton ofisniki a penny salary while sitting at the bar in their traditional Friday, brought to tears by his rudeness -girl waitress who is not much smaller than them. Bydlovaty guy makes a complaint with the district cashier at the supermarket, threatening to get her fired for the fact that there is no commercial cost of his favorite cigarettes. Well, rudeness to staff worldwide network of American fast food has become a good tradition. Because they are on duty put a friendly smile to the guests. And the answer is in sharp form is a threat of dismissal. People do not realize that they are in the same boat, and strive even for a second to be higher than the other. Just because the will of fate one of them now a client, and the other - the wait staff. Very good inoculation against such snobbery is a game simulator dedicated to the cafes, shops and supermarkets. Poklikat hour, serving customers, all of whom believe that his time is the most valuable. And then you 'll understand what's going on in the soul of the dealer or cashier waiter. And certainly they posochuvstvuete. What game to choose for this? On our website, for example, a supermarket mania play online invites all in whom interest in such experience is combined with a love of the clicker. And to play here, unlike other resources, is available for free!