Free Games Lady and the Tramp - is the story of a homeless dog in love with exquisite beauty lady. You have to play, overcoming all the difficulties in his way.

Love is inherent in every living creature. Suppose we do not see a range of emotions, running over the muzzle of a swan, but you can often hear the stories of how, after the tragic death of one of a pair, the second also died. Soaring upward, from a height he falls on the rocks, or unwilling to fly to warmer climes, to freeze on a desert lake - where the last time he was happy. Even if the bird is able to display such emotions and feelings, the more vulnerable dogs in this regard. We know about their mind and sensibility, and cinemas long humanizing them by giving all the facets of character and ability to express original thoughts and desires. Even the environment and social life of dogs as close as writers to us - the people that you are not surprised, watching as they overcome obstacles, fighting for their own happiness and experience the same difficulties in their path. Games based on the Tramp Disney cartoon of "Lady and the Tramp." It must be admitted that the interpretation of history in the computer version of it turned freestyle, but still it is so interesting. Children's inquisitive mind with pleasure knows something unusual new. And by giving them the opportunity to go on a new journey, we offer games Lady and the Tramp online rpg. Names of the main characters - Lady and the Tramp, immediately indicate their social status in society. She aristocrat, and he purebred dog. But the love that broke out between them, rejects all conventions and reproaches from. They want to be together, but not so simple. True love is growing apart and when able to overcome difficulties. Our players will Tramp online game where you need to carry out the mission to reunite the couple. To begin, you can choose a character that you will manage - or sweet Lady Tramp. Depending on who you choose, the job will be different. For a complete pass, you have to overcome more than ten game levels, all the while collecting stones on the road. And if you're wondering what was all over, go on a journey right now. You will manage the arrows on the keyboard, and the brightness of graphics, pleasant musical background and a fascinating story not let you go until the final credits. In addition, the Lady and the Tramp games online offer to Rangers and find extra items on the background of different images. Each level - a new, bright scene from the cartoon. As soon as the next stage successfully passed, opens a new image, which you easily remember the frozen moment. Having played the game from start to finish, you will see a summary of the history in graphics memory and renew the whole plot of the cartoon. Also play the game Rogue can, collecting puzzles. This is where the logic requires thinking and observation. Only the ability to see small details in the continuation of a large image will help you find the right place for him and collect picture completely. Such activity will develop in you the ability to focus and do the right thing, which is important for real life. And, of course, no game based on the popular cartoon is complete without such a creative continuation as coloring. This is not just a pastime for children and artistic and creative direction of the game, allowing instill in young people a love for the beautiful, bright, harmonious. Huge range of colors allows you to choose the color you want and play back the image in the original version, or come up with their own, unique. And if you suddenly do not like the result, you can always delete to start with a clean slate.