Free Games SpongeBob Square Pants

Funny Online Games SpongeBob Square Pants acquaint you with the inhabitants of the underwater town of Bikini Bottom and propose to play with Bob and his friends in a variety of genres.

Over ten years ago, we met with a lovely sea sponge who was wearing square pants, and her name was SpongeBob. Cinemas built a whole underwater city - Bikini Bottom, where all its inhabitants led an active life, doing farm, playing, having fun, traveling. The protagonist always distinguished restlessness and adventurism. His best friends were always accompanied him everywhere, and whatever another fudge Bob offered his comrades certainly support and take an active part in the adventure. But if you watch him from the fun, the game SpongeBob reveal to us the gates of the city and make it a full-fledged players residents. Now Bob besides old friends Patrick the starfish, octopus Squidward, Mr. Krabs restaurant owner and proteins Sandy, there are always new. Game SpongeBob Square Pants adventures abound that sometimes hit their dangerous experiments. Alone are worth the race, because the company has toured almost all the available means of transportation and does not dwell on the progress made. Speed ​​completely demolished their heads, and they lost all fear. Often expressed by representatives of the town and in the ring, where contestants fight with a special passion, wanting to get the title. And when it is a holiday, too, there is no limit fun and games for girls SpongeBob prove it off. Christmas spirit is in the air and the sky rained gifts. But it turned out in the town there are some characters who continue to grieve. You should cheer everyone and catch all the surprises that you just fall on your head, but in addition to festive bundles sometimes catches and debris, and our collection of bonuses he did not place. The passage level you occupy only three lives, and they better not throw. If you fall under the rain of trash, life begins to melt, and, unable to laugh gloomy passersby also do not expect anything good. Especially annoying robot-laughing that periodically appears in the crowd. So to cheer him up, will be very hard work. The kitchen also unfolded the whole battle. You hit on a culinary competition must demonstrate and master class on cutting vegetables. However, the point is that we should not just waving a knife, and act strictly in the prescribed way. The dotted line shows the direction of the arrow dissection product and the place where it should happen. The closer you spend a knife to this line, the more points you earn, and if you really moved away from the intended location of the cut, points are credited to your opponent. By the way, you can see his desktop and can visually judge which of you is more than up to the task successfully. We must act quickly, but avoid accidentally cut photo opportunities that periodically comes. If you damage it, you will remove the part of the earned points. You will also have to work in a restaurant, serving many visitors to your institution. All they are hungry and do not intend to wait long for your meal. Try to just take their orders, bring them food and take charge. Also during the SpongeBob games online offers sporting events, fighting, shooting, racing, dangerous scientific experiments on Patrick Star, the organization of theatrical presentation in the town and meeting Halloween with all its consequences. Irrepressible Bob and his friends are always moving where fun, noisy and there is something incredible. They are active members of their community and never lose heart.