Solitaire games online

Solitaire online games - one of the most popular types of card games. Starting to play for free, try to collect the balance of that on the field there is not a single card.

Solitaire online have become a familiar pastime housewives, office workers, kids and many other segments of the population. If you have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone at any time, you can get online and start interesting fun. Among friends and familiar versions are present in numerous new themes. The process of unfolding the deck will not change, but the external environment will highlight, create mood, which corresponds to the moment. The first mention of solitaire found in the papers, dating from the late XVIII century. Its roots originate in Germany or Scandinavia, but the name "Solitaire" comes from the French and patience means "patience." David Parlett - historian and prospector desktop toys, interested in the history of the game and found that it once played by two people, each party acted own deck. Gradually fun underwent changes, and crystallized in our present we are accustomed to playing solitaire alone, enjoying the process itself. Card Solitaire require patience and perseverance. If simple variants consist of minutes, then along with them, there are those that require special treatment. Complex alignment can take hours or even days until each card does not find its place, but not the fact that it will happen. Some options are so time-consuming that it is possible to spend a lot of time, but did not achieve regularity. Logic is important, but more important than luck, because everything depends on the placement of the cards in the deck. It is assumed that all card games are gambling fun, but this is debatable when it comes to patience. There is no money bets, and the game is for fun, and sometimes used for divination. Our ancestors often resorted to it to get the answer to your question. Cubs just requested maps to answer "yes" or "no", but professional fortuneteller read each image and a combination of maps, foretelling the future, telling the past and present lighting. Bulling deck quickly and required replacement, but as we have online solitaire games, each player can master the different classifications and resort to them without having to carry a pack everywhere. Digital solitaire was introduced by Microsoft in the form of a free application for Windows and was called "Klondike". The game enjoyed incredible success, and with the release of her resorted almost half a billion people. Next-discs were produced collections with solitaire, but when World Network became available to many, play solitaire online free game sites flooded and turned into an endless source of entertainment. It happened in 1996 and today calculate an incredible amount of fun that already appeared, is simply impossible. Every day they become more surprising gamers hitherto unknown structures. But people are kind to the original source, and even among the sea of ​​new products continue to favor the same "Klondike", "tapeworm" or "Spider", although they have got a brand new gloss. Adults and children will certainly find them interesting solitaire variation, but if older age remains true classics, the small children with pleasure turns to the subject of fairy tales, "The Magic Room", "Awesome Solitaire", "hockey", "Winx Club", "Pirate" and others. You can draw an analogy between Solitaire and Mahjong game where you have to collect paired images on the chips, which are laid out in different shapes pyramids. These games can also be seen in the category.