Online games Sift Heads

Unusual job is to carry out by starting to play free online games Sift Heads. During dangerous missions, shoot the enemy and collect their heads.

Games Sift Heads open courses killers. Imagine a life full of dangers, adventures and mysteries. Every profession has its risks, but when it comes to your own life, you have to be a professional to career did not end in its heyday. Hired killer or killers, lead a secret life, deal with crime and always armed. Games Headhunters knowingly made in the gray chart resembling spy comics. This approach is perfectly conveys the atmosphere and contributes to transformation. After all, you have to be a ruthless killer who takes money for the ordered liquidation of objects. The killer does not stand out in the crowd. He can quietly sip a drink in the bar, glancing idly out the window. But his pager message arrives - this means a new order. Negotiations with the customer, it is sent on a mission, carrying a sniper rifle. After studying the schedule object, the killer finds a point for shooting and waiting in sight gets the right person, and then presses the trigger. In the event of unforeseen complications, it is easy removes unnecessary witnesses. To account for the work done, it's time to take the next one. As a professional killer to quickly adapt to the situation, finds the hiding place and is able to take on the fly, even watching the target in a piece of glass. Hazardous occupations killer is so high that he may be subject to destruction or their competitors can track down. At any moment he might be going after, so be prepared to repel the enemy, even if you eat in the car. Such skirmishes are frequent, and die not worth anything. However, games sift heads give you many chances to finish the job and survive as necessary. Unlike real life, each level can be started again until the mission is complete. And in the process you will find: • Overcoming obstacles; • Skirmishes; • Mad chase; • Communication with customers and receive royalties; • The ambiance of the gameplay; • Many jobs; • Travel locations; • Interesting insert clips; • A series of games Headhunters. Hero of gang warfare name is almost the same as the famous bear - Winnie, only he was not fluffy, and not white. From it emanates danger, meeting with them promises lots of fun. Killing for money, it has become so popular in certain circles that refer to it more often. Now he can choose the most interesting and monetary work. To do this, on the world map marked with flashing dots, and clicking on each, you can learn the geography of the order and its price. Choosing a lucrative contract, it's time to look into the shop and see the weapons that would not refuse and will be most useful in any situation. Each unit has a cost, and you can spend no more than the cost of the upcoming murder. Going on the road, remember that you may look for other gangsters and government. The public has hung pictures of Winnie, and he will be difficult to get through the curious glances. In difficult situations, the hero prefers not to act alone. He has experienced and loyal team, which is also present seductive beauty. Together, they will destroy more enemies, clearing his way, pouring rain all the lead, and when necessary - floating little tricks and cunning. In addition to their own weapons, you can choose someone else previously liquidated its owner. If you are willing to risk his own head, perhaps it is time to start the game.