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"Elementary, my dear Watson." This phrase has become almost a popular expression in the majority of people around the world. Is a phrase that often uses the protagonist of similar stories of British writer Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Stories tell of the adventures of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes, who unleashed a variety of criminal cases with the help of his friend and comrade - Dr. Watson. Based on his works were removed a huge amount of films, computer games and skits. Characters of these stories became favorites of many people. About them love to tell others, they are equal and want to be like. Sherlock Holmes - a brilliant detective, the eponymous protagonist of the work. According to the stories of the author, Sherlock was a tall, slim body. Features Sherlock talked about his strong and decisive character. Holmes loves to smoke from a pipe. In some works just smoked cigars or cigarettes. Being an intelligent man, Holmes almost always walks with a cane. Sherlock fights against villains or using a whip or a sword or pistol. Just protagonist is fluent in melee combat. According to the method of investigation of crimes built deductive method of Sherlock Holmes: first gather all the evidence, and then on the basis of evidence built a full picture of the crime, then the defendant is the only one that fits into this picture. Dr. Watson - friend and assistant of Sherlock. Real Name Watson - John or James (in different parts of the product in different ways). Many narrative website is maintained on behalf of Watson. According to history, in 1881 Watson meets Sherlock Holmes, and they share a flat in Baker Street in London. Mrs. Hudson - the owner of the apartment rented by the protagonists of the story. In the product does not say her name and what she looks like. But we know that she loves purity in his house and prepares delicious. Professor Moriarty - the most important mafia, and the main enemy of Sherlock Holmes. The latter describes Moriarty as "Napoleon of the criminal world." Mycroft Holmes - is the brother of Sherlock Holmes. Works in the UK Ministry of Defence. As well as the protagonist, has an exceptional deduction, but does not use it properly. Irene Adler - the heroine, who appears in the story "A Scandal in Bohemia." That she guessed one of Holmes' plans when he conducted one of the investigations. After that Holmes believed this as its biggest failure, even despite the fact that his plan he eventually brought to an end. Thanks to the developers of computer games, you too can participate in investigations with Sherlock Holmes. A lot of toys, which can unravel the mysteries based on the works of the writer were released for video game consoles and on the PC. Large niche occupied games for mobile phones and using flash technology. Sherlock Holmes online games available on our website. They do not need to download or install on your computer, they are available right in your browser window. Sherlock Holmes games for children and adults of either sex. Do not need any additional knowledge to try yourself as a detective - you need only your free time and desire to help Sherlock to understand. Do not waste more time - Moriarty and his subordinates already intrigues on the streets of London. Hurry before it's too late!