Funny online games for free Shaun the Sheep entrain to the meadows where our character likes to walk. However you decide to set tasks, collect bonuses and build structures.

Somewhere on one of the British farms lives a very ordinary farmer and, as it seems at first glance, holding the most common sheep. However, once the sheep left unattended, it becomes much more interesting. It turns out that they are ordinary people like to have fun: eat pizza, a lively disco, love to draw, swim in the pool and even talk with aliens. All this can be found in a fascinating comedy animated series from Aardman Animations company called Shaun the Sheep. Multserial intended mainly for children, and consists of several tens of lots, which lasts about seven minutes. Cartoon as wonderful and perfect for the little ones, because it neither one of the characters does not say a single word. The main characters of the animated series - released a few of the entire herd of sheep and a farmer who looks after them. Shaun the Sheep - the protagonist of the cartoon and the leader of the flock of sheep. The cartoon depicts Sean bit thinner than the others and with a fancy crest on the head. He is much smarter than his fellow, loves to have fun and each of the awkward situation in which they find themselves, finds a way out. Dog Bitzer - Shepherd, whose main mission is to protect a cartoon flock of sheep, as well as other animals on the farm. However, involved in the control over the flock Bitzer only in the presence of the Farmer. When he is absent, the dog together with Sean and the company is not averse enough fun. Having fun is it to pair with Sean trying to settle the consequences of fun. Farmer - the ordinary farmer: dressed in a nondescript sweater, jacket thrown over the top. On his feet prostetskie pants and shoes. On the nose always wears glasses with thick lenses. When Farmer appears in the movie - all sheep pretend that they are ordinary sheep that chew grass. Bitzer, in turn, makes it appear that keeps everything under control. Timmy - cousin Sean lamb. Little Timmy is portrayed with one tooth, why looks very funny and cute. He falls into various comical situations from which his elder brother has to rescue him. Timmy's mother - adult sheep, who loves his son and is very worried about him when he blundered into something. Shirley - thick clumsy sheep. Very loves to eat: eat everything he sees. The remaining lamb often use it as a means for kakih-nibud games and pranks. Flock - a large number of sheep that have no name, but which are the main protagonist of the animated series. They constantly fall into different ridiculous situations because that love to have fun, but stupid enough to do it quietly because of what Sean and Bitzer have to rescue them all the time. Pigs - a herd that is in the cartoon enemies sheep they graze nearby and trying every way to annoy Sean and company. So they are very afraid of everything that is made of pork, as well as of the butcher. On our site contains a set of toys for the little ones, and for older children. Shaun online games available online without any downloads and installations: you just choose your favorite game and get pleasure. In addition, free games Shaun available from us without any monthly fees and restrictions. If you like different arcade mini-games, Action, Simulation - Free game Shaun just what you are looking for. Tired of housework? Or maybe just want a quality rest, playing fun games in quality? Then you have come to need - start games Shaun play online immediately, and we guarantee you only positive emotions and good mood!