Free Game Shark

Prepare to attack by playing free games Shark! You have to win the toothy predators or simply add puzzles, and paint pictures.

Shark has become a favorite character of horror films, where it is often exposed to certain chemicals, radioactive elements, to give additional strength and aggressiveness. Once she came under the influence of such substances can only stop her miracle. Opened mouth, topped with sharp razors pruritus, enters into a stupor, even if you sit on your own comfy couch in the home atmosphere. And if you imagine that the living machine-killer rushes at you in their native element, can not wait for her "kiss" just die on the spot. She acts so quickly and quietly that dodge it virtually impossible. Residents of coastal areas of the oceans are aware of its nature firsthand and can tell many stories of bloody, which is the main protagonist of the shark. Her favorite treat and easily accessible - divers and surfers, but sometimes she goes crazy and sails to the coast. Miraculously surviving people remember meeting with a shark, as the biggest nightmare in my life, and if you open the game shark, it can be convinced that it be trifled with. Despite its large size, the shark leaps out of the water easily and can even grab the man in the boat, sitting nonchalantly on board. And despite the fact that each person known predator of this nature, there are always those who want to try their luck and face with her face to face. We recommend not to risk your precious health and life, and play shark games where close contact will not cause health problems. You can dive to a depth diving and admire the beauty of the underwater world, looking at them through the glass mask. But keep ears open, because the beauty requires its victims and there is a danger that the shark has already sent to you, to take you in this capacity. Of course, you have the spear, but what does one toothpick in comparison with a number of teeth-sabers, placed in several rows in the mouth that which is guided only by instinct of a hunter? Also, you can turn into a very shark patrol and their possessions. Seals, divers, minnows, surfers - they are all troublemakers, and that such things should be punished in the cruelest way, so teach it to ignore the power of force. You can choose for themselves the image of a great white shark, tiger, hammerhead sharks or black. Also, you can start your scuba existence with a small fry, which eats algae, and when you grow up, you can pay attention to the pot-bellied little thing, which recently themselves by eating it. If you are not nabbed and in this state, you will find a new stage of maturation and new hunting. Thus, eating their smaller brothers and avoiding large predators, you will gain weight and authority. And when you reach the larger sizes, can anyone else not to be afraid, because the monster career success. Hurrah! Hunting for sharks in life - profitable business, but the game will show you this shark fishing from a safe distance. Specially equipped vessel goes into the ocean and begins to fight for survival. The same struggle unfolds in games about saving vacationers. Wanting to feel Baywatch, carefully monitor the situation on the water. While tourists and local Aborigines enjoy your stay, your task is to behold approaching them ominous shadow or characteristic shark fin. Once noticed danger expel all swimmers out of the water and swim to those who managed to swim too far.