Samorost - surreal quest in which the player helps the hero to save the planet from an asteroid impact. In this section, play games Samorost is free.

Many people are driven into the search engine the words Samorost 3 play in the hope of finally read the continuation of the old-time favorite games. After all, Samorost is considered one of the most iconic quests of modern times. This is despite the fact that the first Samorost was released in 2003, and since then the industry has grown genre quests just to ugliness. It always happens when the developers are aware of the popularity of the theme and begin accelerated pace rivet monotonous primitive content. And he is unlikely to play the game until the end, and the other not advise, because the name and details of the game flew out of my head, and left only a sense of wasted time spent. All that can be said about Zamora. The game, created by Czech Jakub Dvorsky, is a complete and thoughtful work of authorship. Here, all organically - a combination of music and carefully -drawn visuals, chain tasks leading to the goal, the main character is funny, brilliantly thought out logic puzzles. It was a really stylish game, that is why the author presents her as his graduate work at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Teachers took a progressive approach very cautiously, and the audience appreciated the network. And with great enthusiasm greeted Samorost 2, which, although it was a purely commercial project has kept the spirit and atmosphere of the first, free, games. He, too, fell in love. Some admirers of the Czech developer did not use even a fundamentally broken versions of the game, preferring to transfer money to the account of his company's Amish design. And looking forward, and when Dvorsky give them the joy of playing Samorost 3. They will be disappointed. Today, the Czechs are working on another game design - by the way, no less fascinating and unusual. He called Machinarium and also has an unusual schedule and quest orientation. And called Samorost 3 users often spread counterfeiting and imitation of a canonical game. They, too, are interesting enough, but the fact remains - it's not the same Samorost, but just trying to take advantage of his popularity and increase the audience of other games. If you do not like the aesthetics of Machinarium, and you do not want to part with Zamora - you've come to the right place. On this page we have collected just those games that are on the Internet trying to pass off as Samorost 3. We do not want to deceive your audience, so honestly report that they have no relation to the products of Amish design. It's only online quests are designed in the style of the Czech game.