Look how bright Sakura made online games. Girls get pleasure from communication with the heroine, picking up her outfit, hair and makeup.

Girls who love Japanese cartoons anime genre, most likely turned their attention to the animated series called Sakura: catcher cards. If not, this cartoon is worth it to watch it from beginning to end. It tells about the adventures of a schoolgirl named Sakura, who once found at home magic book. Opening it, she was released some magic cards that allowed its owner magical power. Just with the cards, she released and their keeper, who told her the story of the magical properties of these maps and suggested she find them. Girl readily agrees and with the help of the custodian, one after another begins search for loss. However, as it turned out, she not only knows about these magical game of cards. Series a series Sakura faces different obstacles, however, stubbornly goes to his goal. Cartoon was released in the late 20th century and has about 80 episodes of 25 minutes. In addition, the animated series has gained quite a large audience and popularity, however, his explanation was not released one full-length animated film, and a lot of games featuring characters from the animated series. Sakura Kinomoto - a ten-year schoolgirl studying in fourth grade, the most common Japanese school. Very funny girl loves gym class, and can not tolerate the exact sciences. Owns the ability to see the future in his dreams. Her life is turned upside down when she finds a magic book with the cards at home and lets them out. Tomoe Dayodzi - classmate and best friend Sakura. She alone knows about the magical abilities girlfriend. Very kind and clever. She is a good student and loves to sew and draw. One of the main interests in the animated series Tomoe is sewing costumes for Sakura fighting and shooting her heroic actions on camera. Kerberos - the name of the magical creature - guardian of the magic book with maps, which found Sakura. Lost its force after 30 years of sleep and now appointing Sakura cards catcher wants to return them. Kerberos on view looks like a little teddy bear. He is also quite good and in a good relationship, as with Sakura and Tomoyo with. After Kerberos with cards regained his strength, he regained the ability to transform into a more powerful creature resembling a tiger in protective armor. Do Syaolan - another hunter cards, which came to the same school in which the main character learns, exchange. Lee first treated Sakura very hostile, but then they rallied their forces together to find magic cards. In addition, during the development of the plot of the animated series, falls in love with Lee Sakura, which further consolidates their searches. Sakura games have become quite popular among fans of the animated series. Many Friv Action Games and designed for girls and for boys. Our site is being left out, and you will find it as arcade games that will interest the male half of the population, and the girls will be able to find something interesting, such as eg games dress Sakura. On our website are available Sakura game for free. They do not install and NADH do not even need to register to enjoy the game. All you have to do this free time, good humor and love of the main characters of the animated series about a remarkable decade unusual schoolgirl who accidentally had become a fisher of magic cards. And she is waiting for you on our website in the same section together with your friends.