The main heroine of Sailor Moon online games is always young. Girls love to play, providing it with images, experimenting with clothes and hairstyles.

At the time, as all Japanese anime is increasingly gaining worldwide recognition as children, as in adults, the Japanese animators did not cease to delight its viewers with quality cartoons of the genre. Thus, in 1993, was born, as it later turned out, incredibly popular animated series Sailor Moon, which means "great warrior." Cartoon tells the story of an ordinary schoolgirl who once met a talking cat nicknamed Luna. With cats, the girl learned to turn into a real warrior, and from time to time to save our planet from the invasion of the dark forces. Nearly five years, was released this whole 5 seasons of the animated series, which has about 200 episodes. Main characters of the animated series, which appear in most of the series are: Usagi Tsukino - the main character in the cartoon. That was the name of an ordinary girl who went to school, like everything else in her life. That she soon became the protector of your family and our planet, known as Sailor Moon. Mamoru Chiba - a student who is studying in a college. Once a child in a car accident killed his parents and he lost in the memory of the accident, he could not for a long time to understand who he is and what his vocation. However, he later learned to anticipate the future than often helped soldiers animated series. Ami Mizuno - student who is studying in the same school as Usagi. They are the same age together and fight against the forces of evil. Amy is very smart and can turn into a warrior Sailor Mercury, which has magic water. Rei Hino - studying in a private Catholic school and even without any transformations can cast out devils and demons and smell the presence of evil. Becoming a warrior, Ray Hino gains the ability to control fire magic. Makoto Kino - Sailor Jupiter. Her main weapon - the magic of thunder and lightning. Very tall and strong for schoolgirls, moreover, an excellent command of the martial art of karate. Minako Aino - Sailor Venus. Warrior of love, as well as head of security inside the four Sailor Moon. Tibiusa - Usagi and Mamoru's daughter. In the animated series turns into Sailor Chibi Moon. Cayo Michiru - Sailor Neptune. As you might imagine, Neptune - god of the seas and oceans, respectively, Michiru has the power of the oceans. Very polite and nice, knows how to play the violin. Haruka Tenno - Sailor Uranus. Has magic sky. Prior to becoming a warrior in the team Sailor Moon fought paired with Michiru Cayo. Mayo Setsuna - Sailor Pluto. Is the guardian of space and time. Hotaru Tomoe - Sailor Saturn. Despite the fact that becoming a warrior, she is a warrior of destruction, in the usual form its main feature - the ability to heal wounds. After the animated series has won the hearts of millions of girls around the world, game developers took up the embodiment of the image of Sailor Moon and her team in the computer world. Besides full games for various gaming consoles, Internet appeared numerous free games Sailor Moon. On our site you will also find a lot of games with female soldiers. In the game you can play for free Sailor Moon nothing downloading and installing - they are available online. In Sailor Moon game play you get bored thanks to well thought-out plot, interesting gameplay and beautiful characters traced. Despite the fact that the toys of protectors of our planet are in section Sailor Moon games for girls, and they might be interested in a strong half of our population. Stock up on sweets and delicious tea, because adventure Sailor team will keep you in the virtual world for a long time!