Roller coaster online games

Fans of amusement offer to play the game roller coaster. Build a rail road and earn virtual money.

The roller coaster is not really such and the U.S.. On the territory of the Soviet Union also had similar slopes at speed. But it drew the attention of a few citizens, as the word American and bad are equivalent. When the Communist empire collapsed, the U.S. has turned into an ideal image of excellence and advanced. And then many noticed how pathetic look on our small roundabout 20 meters in length compared to the giant city- rides across the ocean in the United States. Since then, technology has advanced very far, parks with roller fire (the name of the slides taken in the English-speaking parts of the world ) are placed around the world, but in the territory of the former USSR worthy competitors giants in the U.S. yet. This can be explained not only by the high cost of such projects, but also the specific area. After a roller coaster ride - a kind of technological wonder. Inclined Railway, as they were called in one of the Western countries. Trolley does not have a motor. It just moves through to the details of elaborate physical schema, which enables us to find the driving force due to manipulation of the potential and kinetic energy. Try to implement this kind of project by our builders. This is not a joke, because we often collapse at home, not that such a brilliant physical system like a roller coaster. By the way, in Europe, this attraction is called the Russian slides. That's the irony: in Russia - the American and the West - Russian. Even 20 years of capitalism in the post-Soviet territories are not allowed to create a normal analogue of the old amusement, invented by American miners. Therefore, most of our countrymen have just jealous of the heroes of old, by modern standards, even ancient, American movies and cartoons. The most congenial analog computer games are a roller coaster. These products are constantly improved game design, trying to keep up with modern technology, because in the real world prototype did not change for many years. Such games are completely different types. In some exciting adventures await you on a roller coaster, but in others - the ability to create their own designs of the components. That is on the market this kind of games are mostly arcade and simulator construction. In that play - the choice of everyone. We wish to have fun and enjoy the game!