During the online games do not need to be Rod strongman - most importantly, keep your balance during weight gain. You have to play and get acquainted with the powerful athletes.

Games Rod - a sports game that is entirely devoted weightlifters. This type of game has a huge number of fans to see this, just remember how popular exercise equipment is the rod. Work the pole attracted mankind since the invention of the instrument. Remember your last visit to the circus: strongmen lift huge weights and barbells, and they not only demonstrate their own strength and endurance, but to create a spectacular show, juggling the heavy shells in front of the audience admires. Remembering popular traveling circuses of the past centuries, immediately recall a popular bet with spectator hall: the one who will be able to repeat the achievement of a weightlifter and lift the same weight, and that he will receive a huge monetary reward. Naturally, the money in all times been the best incentive, because wanting to compete with the heavyweights of the circus has always been enough. That's just history remembers only a few cases when a man from the crowd managed to win in this bet. The reason is that the sport is rightly considered one of the toughest. The most difficult moment lies not even to tear sports equipment from the floor, and hold great weight. To realize such a sporting achievement, you need to train for many years, gradually accustom your body to all heavy loads. More Greeks won fame the world's best weightlifters at first in the history of mankind Olympics. Of course, in ancient times, it was not about the sports equipment that we can see today. Prototype for modern rods were exposed beams. In the future, in order to increase the weight on such special beams hung lead weights. Working with such exercise equipment has a very high injury rates among athletes: a wooden beam was at least difficult to hold in their hands. As time began to appear a variety of variations of the bar: for traction, powerlifting, standard, with different forms of the fretboard, olympic, barbell squat, women's bars, rods and training so etc. The main differences in the different models of rods are to use different bars. There are three main types of neck: EZ-neck T-Trap-neck and neck - each has its own form, function, and hence the distinctive shape with this type of rod. Variations rod drives not so much: in fact, they are among themselves (of course, in addition to weight) may differ material manufacturing, coating material and the presence or absence of additional elements that simplify the process of their operation. Very difficult to overestimate the popularity of the bar within the amateur and sports clubs. This shell is almost always in the works. Many foreign schools with a barbell exercise are required in the physical training program. At the same time, for those people who do not like to part with even a piece of exercise equipment at home, there are virtual games that help train the forthcoming performance weightlifting competitions. Maybe for some people the game will be exactly the same portion of inspiration that will make pay attention to their own physical health and incline man to lead healthy lifestyles!