With parrots Golubchik online games and Pearl River will not get bored. These heroes offer to play, by painting them in the picture, look for the hidden numbers and much more.

In 2011, appeared on the big screen the story of two parrots, who were abducted and were the only survivors of a kind. In a short time she won the hearts of millions of children and adults, as well as a huge number of critics. Cheerful and very dynamic animation will not leave anyone indifferent, and only beautiful story stirs the viewer to view. RIO - the story of two parrots, the remaining one-on-one with the struggle for survival. Cartoon action takes place in Brazil, where the smuggling of animals and birds is quite profitable business. The protagonist - male anthropomorphic parrot, nicknamed Ducky, which gave him a girl Linda who found him in the snow near the town of Moose Lake after parrot fell from a truck randomly smugglers. She took him into the bookstore where Darling lived for 15 years. Special was the fact that during this time he has never learned to fly. After some time in the bookstore comes ornithologist who tells Linda that she was the owner of the last male of this breed, and that he has a female of the same breed, so they could try to save this endangered species. Linda agrees on a journey in which she had to fly to Rio de Janeiro, where the nursery is an ornithologist. There Darling met with a female of his species nicknamed Zhemchuzhinka, but she does not show any interest to him because she wanted to break out of the kennel and to live in freedom, but he could not fly and wanted to live in a cage. After a short dialogue, our heroes are kidnapped from the nursery and shackled in chains of which they are subsequently able to escape. In turn, Linda and ornithologist Tulio noticing missing pets, are struggling to find them in a huge city. Thus begins an incredible adventure in the last two kind of parrots. At the end of the adventure story ends with a happy ending: Ducky and Zhemchuzhinka married, exactly the same as their owners reunited with their pets. The main characters of the cartoon creators wonderful thought. Each character has its own distinctive features that make it his favorite of many viewers. Darling - having lived 15 years in comfort: eating delicious food, skateboarding, skillfully handling the computer, he has not learned the most important thing that should be able to birds - he could not fly. However, falling in love in the course of the story, he was able to overcome their fears and take off, thus saving your favorite pearls. Pearl - opposed to Ducky. She lived in the nursery, she could fly and would like to fly in the wild environment of freedom: most produce their own food from no one to depend on. At first, she hates my friend, but in the course of a cartoon she in love with him and in the end they got married. Linda - Ducky hostess, who is madly in love and care. After his abduction she was doing everything possible to find him. Tulio - ornithologist klutz. The owner of a nursery for birds, which lived Zhemchuzhinka. It helps Linda find stolen parrots. Louis - funny bulldog, which, thanks to its increased slobbering helps parrots slip out of the chains that tie them. Nico and Pedro - Kenar and oatmeal, which meet our heroes on the way to nursery. Rafael and Eve - a family of toucans. Raphael - great romantic who loves carnivals. He asked permission to fly Eve to help parrots, learning about them missing. Nigel - huge cockatoo. It was he who arranged the kidnapping of the kennel, giving a tip on where are our main characters. Marseille, Armando Type - poachers that the whole history of chasing a couple of parrots. Rio online games offer exciting to become a part of history. Based on the cartoon, a large number of games featuring the main characters of this wonderful cartoon. Free games you can download Rio online. Just the main characters have become some of the main characters in the game Ingres Rio. Series of games called Angry Birds Rio. Also, you can play games online Rio on our site. Games suitable for the little ones and adults alike. Do not hesitate a minute more! Soak up the history of the two right now charming parrots!