Games Puss in Boots are made with the same sense of humor as well as a cartoon fairy-tale by Charles Perrault. Cat invites to play online dress up games, rpg, search for items and puzzles.

Online games Puss in Boots will make you smile. In the style of the cartoon of the same name, which was released by the studio, "DreamWorks", in 2011, these players a lot of fun prepared adventurous activities. Instructive and fun tale was written by writer Charles Perrault, but today decided to bring in novelty themes, and because animated film gave us his version of events, where the cat is friends with Humpty Dumpty and the hunt for the golden goose eggs, which can be bought, only to grow to heaven stem from a magic seed. This bold idea like the audience and quickly infiltrated their consciousness. Now, at the mention of Cat in boots, invariably there is an image of the ginger hiryugi and his accomplices. Cat wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a feather, a belt emblazoned sword, and high boots on their feet. This ammunition he was awarded when a raging bull rescued from mom commandant, but it was not long triumph. Soon his sidekick Humpty planted cotica real "pig" by wrapping his bank robbery as if ginger also participated in it. Hero of the cat suddenly turns into a pariah, bandit, for the capture of which promised a reward. And all because Humpty jealous him to stardom. He considered himself a smarter, more talented, intelligent cat, and therefore could not come to terms with his own defeat. Redhead managed to escape, but a former friend was behind bars in the shower and held a grudge. Upon his release, he hires Kisa nicknamed Myagkolapka searches for his dream - magic beans. But he understands that without the cat he can not do, and therefore shows remorse and offers to renew the friendship. After much persuasion, Humpty can convince others to work in pairs, and they begin a new adventure that echo free games Puss in Boots. Custodians of beans is a couple of Jill and Jack, but because the target of the command. You have to steal their grain so that they did not learn anything. Once Jack so tired that he fell asleep in the tavern and decided to take this cat. He sneaks up on his hind legs to him, trying not to make noise. Cat care is known to all, but a false move can ruin everything. Near our Ryzhik you see and Kitty - they got in the deal. If Jack suddenly open sleepy eyes, immediately hide and wait until it is not zasopit peacefully again. Playing games Puss in Boots free, and you will find a donkey, who also tries to help to the best of his ability. Straddling his cat collects magical corns that just glow with energy from within. Next you will find yourself in the desert, where will drop seeds in the ground, so they gave sprouts and raised to the sky heroes to the cherished goal - a goose-laying hens. Humpty not really tends to strain, and therefore again hopes his friends. Cat catches beans falling from the top. Controlling them with arrows, you can help your friends get closer to the dream. Each successful swing swords - the next right step. In dress up games to play Puss in Boots is particularly interesting girls. They are happy to pick cotica outfits that he could conquer his beloved Kitty. Coloring look elegant and colorful, and when our hero is stuck in my throat lump of wool, it is necessary to help him spit it out, as well as participate in fencing lessons, reflecting enemy attacks. Humpty cunning is not always possible to dally in the shade. Sometimes you have to take part in the most dangerous operations, such as the game show Puss in Boots Action, when the heroes climb the walls, jumping across rooftops, climb over fences and protected from their pursuers.