A group of six brave puppies are always ready to help. We invite you to play online games for free and puppy patrol along with the characters engage in adventures.

Certainly a lot of modern children like cartoon "Puppy Patrol". The original story, colorful picture, a variety of characters, in which everyone can find something for themselves. Naturally, given the popularity of the animated series, free games puppy patrol no less popular. Most gamers are happy to participate in a variety of adventures with their favorite characters. Puppy patrol game play allows great spending free time together with your favorite characters, developing your mind and reaction. Puppy patrol games for free and for a person with any taste, there are puzzles, there are quests, there are Action, and the list could be continued further. You can give a few extremely bright educational games as demonstration. For example, games puppy patrol can play for free all day, while training their knowledge of physics and mathematics: in one of the games is necessary to apply practical knowledge in these sciences in order to correctly calculate the trajectory of a specific subject so that he fell a pre-specified target. Free games to play puppy patrol - this is to give your child a chance to develop, that it will already be used without permission. However, most of the games built in such a way that they in any case have to exercise care, ingenuity and logical thinking. In addition, all actions that are necessary blurt out loud. If you choose English voice acting, you thereby improve listening your child the words of a foreign language. The main characters in the series "Puppy Patrol" - a rescue-dog, combined into a single command. In a heroic team had room for six brave doggies: stalwart, Marshal, Zuma, Chase, Rocky, Skye. Led by a brave group "Puppy Patrol" a brave boy of ten Zeke Ryder. It is on the shoulders of a boy who bears all the intellectual work in a team. It is worth noting smart hero in his ten years, he often finds the most optimal and reasonable yields even in the most difficult situations. In addition, Zeke has good technical knowledge, which is often useful in the work of the patrol. Perfectly mastering a new piece of equipment, which fell into his hands, Zeke learns very quickly to handle it. Thereafter, one or the other gadget can be used in the boy desired moment. Even if we are talking about a little kitten who accidentally climbed on top of the tree, it will certainly help rescuers from "Puppy Patrol". Log, which interferes with the normal travel on the road, mushroom hunter who got lost in the forest, a man who lost his wallet - in all of these situations, a team of puppies to the rescue. Patrol rescue in any difficult situation, no matter what the cost to the participants, as a part of the patrol real heroes who never give up and can not afford to bring someone. Brave team of puppies ready for the most dangerous missions. They will try to catch wherever they are needed, and it is expected to provide assistance. Everyone in the team has a special backpack with accessories, which has all the necessary tools and materials that may be needed to assist. Each of the six doggies - appreciates his other comrades, because each member of their team is irreplaceable. Whenever necessary, they will not only help those in need, but also to each other, because each team member is unique and has individual abilities. Depending on the abilities of each puppy, Zeke distributes tasks among the participants.