Online games for girls pregnant

Motherhood does not overtake you soon, but now you can play free online games pregnant, expectant mothers arranging shopping, photo session and training in the care of the toddler.

Games for young pregnant girls about adulthood. Suppose today you are too young to think about marriage, but because that's how the girls that begin rehearsals in advance. Once you grow up, you will meet the right one, unique and fun person with whom you want to stay forever close. The honeymoon is over and you realize that you are settled in a little miracle - a new life. It grows, is gradually developing, and you can not wait to meet him. Toddler quickly learns to smile, walk and talk. For parents, it is a real gift, native deathly pale. Of course, he is the most beautiful, intelligent and funny. Any of his achievement - a holiday for the whole family, and a broken knee pain and gives parents. Little children, it is joy and sorrow, when failed to protect them from cold precious child. Medicines and pills and ointments mustard, hot teas and rubbing accrue from the medicine cabinet. Naturally, the child does not like to be treated, and it seems that you are torturing him. But if your child explain the necessity of these procedures, you will have to agree. What surprises still await mothers, pregnant talk free games. During this period, a woman blooms glows with happiness. But there are, and the features on health, beauty, household problems. Opening games for girls are pregnant, you will know what is waiting for women and their families. • Health care. This requires a review of life stage and life style control over health. That is why consulting a doctor will be regular. Our heroine visit doctors' offices, where they take readings, take tests, weighed. So is monitoring the health of the baby and mother. Sports can also be attributed to this section, but are assigned special exercises, and doctors monitor the load. • Eat right. In fact, this section of cooking and food preparation. Choose, what would like to eat today, and begin a priest. Basically it is a healthy, light food, but a little sweet not hurt. • Home care. The more a pregnant belly, the more difficult it make habitual actions: to bend to wash the floor; collecting litter; wash; go shopping; cook and do many more household chores. But it remains to prepare the children for the new tenant. That is why your help is particularly valuable if the pregnant mother run the game. • Shopping pregnant. Buy cute vests, sandaliki, rattles, plush toys, little bed, crib and stroller - it's so nice. Go shopping with the heroines and choose the most beautiful little things. • Fashion. Pregnant women are still women of fashion, but now we have to take into account the peculiarities of organic shapes and choose clothes by size. Then go to the barber shop, nail salon and makeup artist, because your position - not a reason to run itself. • Caring for kids. Finally, the toddler was born, and began new concerns. Now mom should remember all the lessons that will be remembered for books and children's consultation to properly care for crumbs: time to feed him, bathe, change clothes, walk on the little street, entertain, put to bed and show the doctor. The story of a pregnant Barbie. Once the blonde beauty and came to the conclusion that it is time to get an heir - because the game appeared pregnant Barbie. The doctor will make her ultrasound to measure blood pressure and other tests will hold. Make a doll company in the shop, helping your child choose clothes, and then visit the beauty salon.