Free Game Pou. Play online

Would make a fun virtual pet personally. Then offer to play free online games Pou. The main character interesting and amazing, and he can be a true friend.

If you look only available game screenshots Pou, one might think that this is some another strange thing is originally from Japan. In practice, it turns out to be the game Pou play much better than those early expectations from viewing screenshots. Of course, if you're a fan of brutal and harsh games, then you definitely Pou disappoint. All of the remaining free games Pou make at least a smile and a maximum - to become a real fan of fascinating invention. On the assurances of the developer of the game, Pou - this little alien creature. In fact, the game Pou allow free recall the good old tradition of Tamagotchi - care for their virtual pet. Pou can clothe, feed, clean and play with it. At the same time, the pet will react to your every action, it can be soiled, grow fast, and in general, however, Pou is a very, very whimsical, demanding maximum attention to itself and exceptionally gentle care. Point of the game is that you are entrusted in the hands of a pet and now you must take care of it. To avoid fainting hungry, feed regularly closely pet. Here are just Pou very finicky, so prepare your patience and be prepared for the fact that the hero will occasionally reject some virtual products. Fortunately, a variety of food will allow you to still find something that will not leave hungry Pou. It is important to remember and hygiene for your pet needs regular cleaning, as it should be washed. It is important to follow a regular healthy sleep your pet. As a person with prolonged wakefulness without sleep, sooner or later, the hero falls from prostration. Benefit to persuade sleep Pou is not necessary: ​​it is enough to wish your pet sweet dreams, turn off the lights, and he almost immediately falls asleep. All diseases that arise can be cured with the help of special medicines that are found in the medicine cabinet. Peering into the wardrobe, you can find a lot of things, combining that your pet will have a unique look. It is noteworthy that in every thing you can also change the color. Appearance and face Pou can be corrected with the help of available cosmetics. In addition to the ability to change the hero, you can also make changes to the interior of its habitat: You can change the color and pattern of the interior, to bring any of it to remove certain items. Maybe for some it may seem a bit absurd, but at the very Pou have your pet, it can also be selected. It is important to remember that for the purchase of food and new things need money. The benefit of the game does not restrict a player in virtual currency revenue, virtually every new successful action with your pet, the game rewards you generously. Some upset only by the fact that certain purchases in the store are available only when your pet will score a certain age and experience. Alternative to waiting for the process of growing up - to unlock the store favorite thing for a huge sum of money. You and your pet will be saved from boredom a variety of mini-games. Most of these games - are popular today hits, as well as classic arcade and puzzle. Things to do with Pou - a great way to kill time and earn some money thus to their virtual pet. Nice to have fun and talk to Pou, by itself it is not very talkative, but can often entertain the player that will repeat heard. We all know that Tamagotchi is no surprise. Here are just a game Pou causes absolutely no negative experiences, on the contrary, because all made with high quality, stylish and at a level that most people have a strong desire to get yourself a personal and a virtual pet. The main advantages of the game Pou are: - Hilarious characters; - Picture quality, "humor"; - A great opportunity to choose from a wide variety of mini-games.