In fairyland Piksivile live little creatures, which will tell free online games Pop Pixie. Offers puzzles, coloring books and dress up - all you need girls.

If you even seen an animated series of the Italian production called "Winx", which tells of the adventures of fairies girls who fought against the forces of evil to save the planet, then you must evaluate another brainchild of the same Italian animation studio called "Poppiksi" . After a very successful launch of the animated series Winx, the company does not stop and start another equally successful project. In the animated series tells about babes-fairies, fairies Winx girlfriends from a parallel cartoon. However, there is not a little girl has to save our planet, and confront treacherous elves who do not like babies, in his small town called Piksivill. Cartoon very funny and fun and designed more for smaller kids than Winx. Meet the heroes of the cartoon: Lockett - one of the main characters of the animated series. This Poppiksi can find out where one or the other thing, can find your way to any destination. It is quite stubborn and does not recognize his mistakes, but at the same time, very kind and always come to the aid of her friends. Cupid - pixies love. It is very romantic, loves flowers and in love with Ranger Robinson. With their superpowers she can soothe people take control of their negative thoughts and desires. Chatta - pixies, who loves to talk. By this it can reflect the ability to attack enemies and even take different charms. She is very curious and very cheerful. Cherry - pixies weather. Matter what her mood depends on the weather in Piksiville. This same ability she uses in battle against the elves, causing thunder and lightning on them. It is quite rich and loves shopping. Fixit - pixies technologies. This boy, who works in a toy store, which he himself and master. Helps others pixies that develops for them various schemes and action plans. Caramel - pixies force. She loves to cook and it has its own bakery. Despite the fact that the elves are afraid to get away from it "to nuts", they are often visited by her to the store and begin to plunder. Martino - pixie-acrobat. Martino is the twin brother of Carmel. He is as strong as she is. Works in a candy bartender and loves to do all sorts of tricks in the preparation of cocktails. Martino is very narcissistic and loves attention to his person. Rex - the leader of the elves. It was he who invents different leprosy, which he and his team is trying to catch the pixies surprise. Maxine - Rex girl. Very beautiful and very selfish. Rex madly in love with her, whereby she often manipulates them. Phlox - just lazy elf. In addition, he is also very stupid. Likes to steal cakes from the pastry shop in Carmel. Narcissus - this elf very irritable. Friends with phlox and hates him because he thinks that Phlox digging her too many feel stupid. Lenny - independent elf. Very likes to have fun, sometimes even risking their lives. Yucca - another narcissistic elf. It seeks by all means to destroy all the pixies to be headed Piksivillya. The most fashionable of the elves, frivolous, like shopping. On our site you will find a variety of games Poppiksi. You can find them in the section Poppiksi games for girls. There you can have fun in the games involving your favorite characters of the animated series, for example, you have to put yourself in your favorite games Poppiksi pixie dress, or choose any other favorite arcade. Here you can play games for free and without Poppiksi installed on your computer. Boys, of course, like games Poppiksi rpg where you need to perform a variety of interesting tasks. In general, everyone will find something that necessarily take a lot of pleasant impressions of the game.