Fun online game point familiar with the 80s, when your parents used to play at recess, ranking points to encircle the enemy on the notebook sheet in the box.

The first version of the game "points" emerged in the early 80s of the last century. The game was an offshoot of the then popular game "Go." The reason for the branch became misinterpretation of the rules of the original game. For the game was not created any clear framework and limitations because everywhere in Europe comes with its own version of the game, one of which became the starting point of the game. Over time, the rules were improved, so today we have only two options in game points. It's about the standard and the Polish version, the last main goal - a conquest territory. It is logical that a popular game in the real world has become a successful domain world of virtual games. With the development of modern technologies in the classical version of the game has not changed. That's just cool graphics engines of modern computers allow you to do quite primitive gameplay colorful, bright and inviting. Another possibility - it's a game over the Internet, allowing true connoisseurs of the game do not need to look for a partner who wants to find enough in the network. For those who are not even online can find a worthy partner, accessible version of the game with artificial computer intelligence with different levels of difficulty of the game thinking. For those who are familiar with the game "Go" rule at first glance seem to be quite similar. But, as practice shows the ability to play "Go" does not guarantee the success of the "point". Very often it is just the same vice versa. The main objective of the "point" - is to grab all the points that have laid on the board your opponent. Each player has their point of color. In the actual version they are applied to paper using a pen or pencil. In the game, each opponent in turn dots of the same color. Game sheet has markings "in a cage." Dotting is possible only at the intersection of the lines in the game sheet. The playing field is limited by the dimensions in paragraph 39h32. One point - this one, the lines within the playing field. It is important that the first move of each player must start in the middle of the playing field. Subsequent moves can be made at any point, but only if it is not in the area surrounded by the enemy. Players have no possibility to pass your turn pass through. Some versions of the rules of the game allow players to do one extra turn after they managed to make the environment of the enemy. Create a continuous closed line automatically means creating art. If there is within this area of ​​the enemy, this place is considered the playing field surrounded by, and make moves inside "environment" each player is prohibited. Free area where you can walk, placing their point - one that is not surrounded by and in which there are no points of the enemy. Naturally, post your point over the point of the enemy is prohibited. Notes and keys to success: - Points that were in the area environment, can no longer participate in the process of creating a new zone; - It is impossible to surround the points that have been established players on the edge of the field; - The game ends in two cases: when the field is no longer any free places or when a player refuses to make a move, acknowledging his defeat. Victory is determined either surrounded by a large number of points, or by agreement of the players; - A player who wants to leave the game time should think about it in advance and protect their environment from the point of making them yield to the edge of the playing field; - For each batch of players in advance the time limit; - Environment is constructed in such a way that the distance between the points should not exceed the size of a single cell: as a straight line, and diagonally; - There are several options for starting positions: the game can begin as completely clean field and with four points right in the center of the playing field. In the latter case, each player puts two points in the end four of the players form a diagonal cross; - The process environment, trace captured in the area surrounding the point is not considered a separate entrance, after direct trace field player can implement his move. Today, two popular versions of the game. First - this is the classic "points." In the classical version of the game, each player seeks to the environment as much as possible of the enemy. In the case where the game is to capture the so-called Polish version, players must capture the maximum large area on the playing field.