Very funny online games Plants vs. Zombies, which will play in an unusual story. Spread the living dead, the garden by planting new seedlings.

War with a standard weapon few people are impressive. Experienced gamers pay more attention to new ideas developers offering innovative approach to warfare. Plants vs. Zombies game play online - a strategy, where the weapons are the crops grown in the house of his own and against the invasion of zombies trying to get to the site owner. You could say that the owner himself to blame, rolling track green lawn in front of his house. This could be interpreted as an invitation to go to dinner. But it can also be understood, because the bare ground quite unattractive and want to somehow elevate ownership. This gaming product was released in 2009 at the beginning of May and had repeatedly undergo changes, becoming accessible to different platforms, and today you can play games against plants zombies free on personal computers. The purpose of the process, you already know - to prevent the invasion of zombies in his house. In the beginning, you will only be available peas, shooting nuclei. For the first wave of the dead and their attack rather soon drown. But over time, walking monsters evolve and become more assertive, numerous Pimp. One gorohostrelom with them no longer cope, but because in your arsenal will be more powerful weapons. Grow and maintain plants help suns that fall from the sky in good weather. At first they are sufficient but then you need them more and planting sunflowers, you restock necessary resource. These seeds are available on the second turn of the game and the corresponding icons show you their numeric equivalent. The third level will give you a cherry bombs, which are no longer massively destroy the enemy, but recovered much slower gorohostrelov. And playing free plants vs zombies, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of this battle and learn about further metamorphosis. After the cherries are walnut wall that replenishes your military arsenal and an obstacle to the dead. They can not overcome it and to break the perimeter, forced to eat the plant. It retains them in several ways and gives you time to regroup, using the following tactics. However, only the first nut barrier to be effective. Zombies soon learn to overcome it quickly using saltatorial pole on the water will be used for this purpose, dolphins and even corpses appear jumpy. Play Plants vs Zombies you will be long, because multilevel toy. Plants begin to increase their efficiency, and some will absorb enemies instantly. There will be exotic, rare plants, but they are available in a special shop and are not cheap. To get them, stockpile resources. Play the game Plants vs. Zombies is available in different modes, but that right is available only after overcoming the main game. You open three locations: the house on the lawn, the roof and rear yard. In each case, there are features such as rooftop plants can not be applied, shooting straight. Behind the house is a swimming pool, and grow special varieties of plants. The gameplay takes place in the conditions of the day and night and in different weather, which also determines the choice of plant weapons. Also available flop in the camp of the enemy and to become a bloodthirsty monster. In this case you will have the completely opposite problem - to enter the house in any way, armed with the sixth, baton or other weapon.