Pirates Online Games

Plunder merchant ships and fight Flotilla - the meaning of life desperate pirates. Pirates online game filled with adventure and sea battles.

Pirates - one of the most dirty so in reality, with one of the most romanticized in popular culture. As not only did whatever the authors of cinematographic tapes on these sea wolves - and washed their dirty unwashed body for months to shine, and dressed in beautiful clothes, even in my head digging making of dirty skuperdyaya maniacal killer romanticized freedom fighter. And we have to admit, they succeeded. The public believed, and, moreover, so that the films of them have acquired a romantic connotation. In fact, hardly a modern woman could even stand next to a real pirate, let alone have sex with him. By the way, about wolves. These animals are hunted by a pack, they have a severe organization and does not tolerate weakness. However, they attack only unnecessary in the ecosystem of animals. While neither the wolf, while in the pack, will not cut and run at the sight of the enemy ( without reading the man with fire). Wolves - noble animals, they are really graceful and highly organized. But to describe the image of a pirate is more appropriate concept of a jackal. Since the jackals do not come into the fight with a strong or equal contender, they prefer to eat up the others and attack the weak. Real stories of pirates and just stipulate that these robbers attacked only poorly protected merchant ships, trying to avoid meeting in the navy. Yet the romanticized version occur entirely from other sources. After all those stories about the nobility, holding as much as trade routes and bold punishment of one ship over the entire squadron of military ships - is the history of the rebels, announced by pirates power. They did not seek to enrich themselves, their principal was the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a democratic regime. So they covered the important ways and won the squadron. After all, most of the captains of such ships were military victims of the undercover games. Their skills to cope with this toothless undercover snakes who betrayed them, wanting to get to their location or position of the ship. Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between these two types of pirates, because their goals are, and do the people on the ships were radically different. In the movie, simply combine both kinds of pirates, what created the wrong image in the public mind. To find out how modern culture sees the world of pirates, is simply to ask a search engine question pirates online game, or simply to link to this page to begin the exciting adventure in a unique online world.