Playing the piano can learn each, and the first step can be a computer simulations. Play the piano are available on our website.

Who know how to play the piano, only those who are planning to tie or have thrown in their lot with the academic music. But just a few decades ago, the desire to teach a child to play the piano, it was akin to an epidemic or mass insanity. Some took solace in the hope that raise a genius musician, with whom the family will come not only fame and good earnings, but also foreign tours, where you can bring that in the union can not buy even for big money. Others in the proletarian scenery as we could, retransmit aristocratic pre-revolutionary model - an educated person should be able to play at least one musical instrument and understand classical music. Children without talent in this area all my life remember the music school as best as sad duty, and the worst - as their own personal hell. After all, not having an ear for music is very difficult to understand on what basis to press the keys. And especially to learn to do it quickly. Times have changed. Now the most popular instrument is guitar. Some teens do not go away at least for a course on learning to play on it. After all, the ability to play the guitar at least a few songs - the key to the popularity of the company and increased attention of girls. A piano now that children often give to a music school only if you have the necessary aptitudes, lost its frightening aura of coercion. Therefore, in modern homes can often be found synthesizers. Indeed, many young boys and girls do not want to learn the classic game. And prefer to learn on their own. And not on the classical examples, and writing his own music and choosing the instrument chords. Therefore, computer games piano made ​​one of the key players in music simulators. After playing on it easier. I do not need to buy a special tool to achieve credibility in online games like this, for example, is a guitar simulator for the popular Guitar Hero. Many children develop an ear for music and rhythm simply by playing these games with a keyboard and mouse. On our website we have tried to collect a very large collection of music simulation games to play the piano. Some of them require flawless play only one tune. Others are multi-level, where you play more and more complex compositions, gradually honing his skills virtual musician. And, of course, all the games are absolutely free. Play online for fun in a convenient format for all flash!