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Climb the steep walls, jump from the steep stairs and run through the narrow fences - all Parkour game. Master this art is very easy with the help of online games Parkour.

There are many ways to develop the body. Someone infinitely thrust rod of iron in the gym, someone running and someone riding a bike. There is much more labor-intensive and extreme ways to develop muscles, plastic and coordination of the body. We are not talking about steroids and other banned drugs at the event, and about parkour. This type of street acrobatics allows almost in a few months to achieve amazing results. There is a downside - a kind of very traumatic, so no heads are better not to go. In addition, it is not just a sport. It's a lifestyle. For those who are afraid to dedicate himself to the sport, but he wants to try to perform spectacular stunts at least in the virtual space is parkour game. They allow you to get used to the role of the risk of a brave street acrobat. While under this tag combined games which include not only pure parcours but action games that use parkura elements. Online games parkour - this network flash version of assasins Creed, and many other games. By and large, almost all platformers, like the good old Aladdin -top box using elements of parkour, just when these games were created, the term itself was not. By and large, play games, parkour though all the players. For any dynamic game typically has elements of this kind. Sprinting with jumping from roof to roof, dynamic fighting with pereprygivaniem and somersaults - they are also the techniques of parkour. On this page of our site you will be able to familiarize themselves with all kinds parkurnyh games. This, of course, flash game about parkour, but many of them have a second tag options like shooter or platformer. This is due to the fact that many games are created based on famous movies where effectively used for parkour. Game designers, echoing their cinematic counterparts, try to brush up on the screen the player all the techniques used by the filmmakers. So the game shooter or platformer acquire aspect of parkour. So all fans of parkour can stop searching for their favorite games. It certainly is on this page. We specifically collected our collection, so you can find just that game that can give you realistic casino experience, for whatever reasons, are not received in life. The most important thing is that our games are free. And it does not move for the promotion of the site, it is our principled position. We believe that the game, whether they are about parkour or pink ponies should make people happy. And the joy can not be paid.