Free Game Papa Louie's offer to play with the chef, who skillfully controlled products in the kitchen and also offers you the wisdom to learn cooking.

Cooking - a creative work, but also responsible. Cooking for people, we must always be vigilant to ensure that products were fresh, high-quality cooked, spices do not overdo it, but do not be stingy. It makes tasty food restaurants and cafes and the famous popular. And if you go to the free game Papa Louie, culinary revels acquire completely new dimension and meaning. In them you will learn that cooking can be a dangerous thing, and yet, when the pizza suddenly come to life and begin to hunt for your visitors. That's what happened with our chef and he was faced with an unusual danger for themselves when the finished product captured everyone who came to Louis enjoyed his favorite meal. Becoming, forced hero chef sent to rescue the visitors to its restaurants, to save them from bloodthirsty products. To help Louis, driving them will be useful arrows keys on the keyboard. "Right" and "Left" will help move in the right direction. To jump, press the "space", and if you click on it again, Louis turned his toque in a parachute. From Z you will strike at enemies, and redirect the fiery wave of a tennis ball back to the attacking enemy. X will throw exploding cans, and the arrow "down" will pick up all the pizzas in its path. Games pope - a whole series of games on culinary themes, different only in the direction of the storyline. Italians are not limited to only one pizza consumption, although it is their favorite food. They will gladly help themselves hotdogs, burgers, tacos. Their menu, which includes sweet desserts and beverages, as diverse as the people of other countries. This means that free online games papa also offer different types of business on the basis of cuisine. Going to a cozy restaurant on the sale of ice cream, you do the same and it should do by mixing all ingredients in a blender. The purchaser will always assess the quality of your work and according to the result of tipping besides the basic payment. Mixer bowl filled components, it is necessary to set the timer for a certain time, put the contents into a glass and decorate according to the order. To product quality has gone out, and you've spent a little time to create it, buy all kinds of technical things, to facilitate the work of each of the culinary entrepreneur. Share with you a trick - to keep up to serve all customers, you do not need to stand in a mixer until it works. Set the time so that he called you a little earlier period required for mixing, then you will have time to finish the ritual service with another customer, and you have time to run to the prepared mixture in time. During games for girls dad, you'll also cook burgers, where several other conditions for action. Visitors of your institution will continue to assess the quality of the finished work, but now they care about the degree of roasting meat and the decoration of the final product. Pay close attention to what they want as an additional filling customer orders and not to be confused. On the plate, too, all must be made in accordance with the wishes of the client. Some want to make products posted a semicircle, others prefer a completely filled a plate, well, giving clearance to third in a row. With Papa Louie game about cooking becomes fun pastime, and gastronomic delights come alive. These games stand out nicely against other proposals and you fall in love variety of offerings.