Free game Pacman

Pacman gameplay has long been familiar to our players. The first version appeared in the 80s and managed to grow a plot directions, offering to play online on various topics.

Some computer games in order to achieve universal acceptance, developing for several years, some painted with complicated elements, some produce an infinite number of different variations. But there are games that go down in history because of its video game development ingenious simplicity of the idea, which is inherent in them. This game can be without any doubt a toy called Pacman. Starting the story of yellow tablet named Pacman originated in 1980 in Japan. Toy arcade genre was a hit at the time due to its originality, ease of management and even the fact that while most of the games or shooters was, or what some primitive toys. The game has no violence, so it has become popular among all sections of the population, there are no restrictions on either age or gender. Name of the game comes from the Japanese words "pacu pacu taberu", which means "to eat." Author of the idea says that the idea of ​​creating such a game came to him for eating a piece of pizza. The original game did not immediately caught the amateurs play with toys. Only one year later, when her little modernized American company Pacman became a bestseller. The idea of ​​games was that the player had to collect all the white dots at the level at this without falling into the hands of ghosts. At each level, the player can get several kinds of bonuses: this fruit - they appear at from time to time in different places, and after eating increase the number of points; and more fat points by eating that, it becomes dangerous for Pacman Ghosts - he can eat them, and then the ghost moves to the place where they appear at the top level. It's funny that at the time of the game developers have 256 levels and their idea, the 257 level was supposed to be a copy of the first, however, because the computing power of the time were small - 256 level lacked sufficient memory and level, even after all collected points was unkillable. In later versions of the game this bug has been fixed. The main characters in this game is small, but it does not prevent them from being among the most popular in the world. Not many who played Pakmena know that even the cast, which, at first glance, differ only in color, have their hunting algorithm for "yellowish". Pacman - yellow tablet with the ever opening his mouth. His goal - to eat all the white dots and avoid the ghosts. His speed is higher than that of ghosts, but only when he is not eating point. Blinky - red ghost. His algorithm is based on the current location of Pacman. Pinkie - pink ghost. Its purpose is to point to 4 wherein the location of the Pacman. Inky - blue ghost. The most dangerous ghost. Algorithm for calculating his hunting rather complicated, so we missed. Clyde - ghost orange. Uses a hashing algorithm according to its location relative Pakmena. Hardly anyone will put the toy with Pakmenom one line with such giants as Battlefield or Call of Duty, but the number of people who played in Pakmena several times more. Our site is prepared for its visitors free game Pacman. With us you can return the nostalgic 90s to your computer. Pacman games online do not need to download and install. Can start the race for the white dots now! Beat the record of his friends - collect as many white dots and earn maximum points!