Games Need for speed. Play online

One of the best racing simulators in the world are considered to play Need For Speed. Play online racing cars can be on our website experiencing stunning new track.

Get in the car and go. So go to the road in front of his eyes turned into a solid mass of greased monochrome gray, push the pedal to the metal and race on a deserted highway, carried away as possible from this bustling city podnadoevshego with its endless traffic jams and office clerks, half asleep on cheap credit nedoavtomobilyah. Or conversely, to enter the night out and wildly twisting the wheel to overtake one after the other late-night taxi drivers and other careless motorists. Well, maybe a lot of us do not dream of it? Do not speed and expensive lures us like an invisible image of freedom? But in real life nothing is impossible. Loans or public transport, metro or stuffed with innumerable traffic jams in front of your eyes. Worst ambulances and government vehicles that make more than one hundred thousand people idle hours of his joyless life in the company of vile chanson drivers of minibuses. And out of this circle can not escape, because such laws of economics - who could be free, who do not need them to be, as the system has enslaved him. Up until the last thought in my head. And those that freedom, or rather lack of it, is not too tight cut wings - so year after year is not enough money. None her freedom, if your father is not multimillionaire who does not make sense to force their child to learn to live... Only virtual reality, even by its own laws, allows each of us to achieve the dream. To some it requires a tank, and someone reyserskoe cars. That's why all sorts of extreme simulators are such enormous popularity among our residents like the only more or less a free society - the global network. Back in the days when the World Wide Web is not wrapped around her slender fiber-optic networks globe, the computers was a very popular game Need for speed. This life simulator street racer had all the hallmarks of a successful game project. First, all the races in this game taking place on the streets of cities simple, so familiar pattern, albeit American, but the cities and towns make the race really realistic. And it follows the second feature of the game - all cars - recognizable cars that see in the streets of many of those who have to commute to work by motor pathways. Although they pumped all sorts of modding and tuning, but it's all the same Fawn and Mercy. And in our time, Need for speed online allows you to play as well as offline. Therefore, many players prefer simple simulations of multi-gigabyte version.