Free games, my speaking Angela

Talking virtual characters are repeated after you phrases and laugh. Now you can play free online games Angela Talking about sweet white cat.

My Games Angela talking about stylish white kitty. We used to take care of pets, but this time the cat will be your blonde girlfriend. She behaves like a real lady: bathed in a fragrant bath foam, puts fur hairdryer, combs her scallops. She even visits beauty salons and make-up. Who is this charming flirt, play will tell you my talking Angela. Getting it will be long, because it will appear in front of you, while still a kitten. But now it is well-versed in fashion and prefers not to wash the tongue is inherent in all cats, and water. She also explores the wardrobe and chooses clothes, shoes and jewelry. It feels rock and chic, craving for the best beauty. To try the next new thing, press the buttons on the field, and it will be on Angela. To change the subject, click on the menu icon to another, and it will happen automatically. Staying with Angela everywhere you can with the ability to put the application on the mobile phone. It concluded exciting quests and different functions. You will be able to give her medical care, to pick up clothes, to practice with her new song. All free games my speaking Angela interesting in its own way, and should be better acquainted with each direction. • Angela kitten. Take care of her as the kid: bathe, comb, indulge. Do not forget to brush your teeth before going to bed. Like any cat, she likes to caress, and if you scratch behind the ear, you give her pleasure. At any touch tone or she speaks facial expressions. Touch her heel, forehead, nose, and see how she will accept. • Fashion for cats. In its own fashion cats, but also human clothes she likes. She enjoys wearing dresses and high heels, various scarves and handbags. Experiment by picking up her clothes, and then go for a manicure and hair salon. Surely you have never had such a stylish girlfriends. • Ensure health. From the doctors can not escape, and Angela to be several trips to different doctors to treat teeth, heal scratches, get rid of the pain in the ears. • Angela love. Well, our heroine has got a boyfriend. You remember it - it's Tom. Once free ladies 'man, a ladies' man and a singer in March, now he conquered, and Angela does not want to see anyone else. He sings to her passionate songs with a guitar and gives presents. When he was so insistent cat can not resist and responds with a kiss. But Tom vytvoril silly jokes and pretty angry at him. Do not worry, they all will be adjusted, and soon there will even be a little kitten. This is the moment to remain forever in the memory of Tom, because it is he needs to call an ambulance to collect the bag with things to help doctors take the baby, and then cut the umbilical cord and make newborn Fuzzy injection. • Puzzles. Great game to relax after so many shocks. Angela quickly regained form and once again shines on the podium. This moment will add up. • Music minute. This is not a game, and the offer to see the colorful video where Tom sings a serenade sweetheart. Any game my offer to play Angela talking to the accompaniment of a musical composition. The heroine of the good in any role, and it is always nice to talk to, whether it is a variety of trendy stuff or visits to the doctor, washing machine or a lesson on mathematics, gathering the puzzle, or hygiene. Foster of cute kitten stylish lady who will win the hearts of the opposite sex.