Beauty Moxie loves new clothes, and you can pick up her next stunning dress. Games for girls Moxie offer a large selection of dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry.

What would have been emancipated modern girls, they still play with dolls, imagine yourself in a kindergarten or a school teacher, feed them porridge and put to bed. Doll becomes a friend, sister, daughter. Talk about her first love, trust and secrets complain of injustice. Even learn to sew because they want to diversify doll wardrobe fashionable novelties, but the virtual world has presented another opportunity to play with dolls. If the previous generation dolls are not very grace and variety, the date range makes the shelves in the beauties of the podium, where long legs lined elegant dolls in elegant costumes. Now they are released not one, but companies that they do not feel so alone. Worth remembering Bratz dolls or Moxie, and you will understand what is at stake. Current dolls looked like girls - they have names, each has a unique character, style of dress and personal taste. However, their supply extensive wardrobe, furniture, accessories, car and ship travel. But what is most surprising about the puppet even began making films and cartoons, where they communicate, like most real girls. Against this background of the painting games for girls Moxie presented completely natural phenomenon. With these beauties you can easily learn the wisdom of fashionable parties that involve shocking appearance, go to the mountains and prefer climbing, ride a motorcycle, prefer sports and will make many more interesting outings. For each of them need an appropriate costume, and you have to pick him up for the next case separately. One click of a mouse there is a change in any component of the dress, hairstyles, and even skin color, which can vary from mild to gilding thick, rich chocolate color. Like any girl, they often alternate styling and mood make stylish haircuts and hair color change. This does not necessarily stick to the traditional colors, and you can experiment with bright colors, turning them into crimson, pale green, sky blue, purple fireworks. Games for girls Moxie make your girlfriends almost real. They are easy to communicate and to invent their own world, where there is pleasure and fun. In their universe there is always a holiday and a riot of colors, there is no place of sadness and grief, and allow you to combine bright colors and make the most unusual ensembles. Imaginary world acquired visual features, and if previously could only come up with events, but now you plunge into them with Moxie dolls, like getting to know them again, getting to know the character and preferences of each of the bridesmaids. In addition we offer odevalok find them on the background image numbers or other unnecessary details, find the differences between the two pictures, paint a picture, returning to the world of black and white paint and put them puzzles. Each session is a new opportunity to play with dolls and learn something new. With them it is interesting to develop memory, observation, taste. They never lonely, because dolls - best friends in the world. We know that there is no need to persuade girls to play games for girls Moxie, because they have long had come to love this activity, and often come to our game portal, in order to re-pass the fancy fun, find a novelty and share with friends to make the discovery. In order not to distract you from the enjoyable activities, no longer dare to detain conversations.