Open free games Monsters vs Aliens and play during the confrontation between two forces. Shoot down spaceships, but beware of their weapons.

It would seem that it can happen at the most ordinary wedding, except the bride kidnapping, drunken fights between guests and other common situations at such events? Just maybe, she thought, and the main character of the cartoon Monsters vs. Aliens, Susan Murphy. At the wedding, there was a very interesting incident: it has fallen meteorite that killed her and gave superpowers - she grew up in a few times and got a huge force. She was found the military caught and sent to a secret base. As it turned out, for the substance in her body hunts evil alien monster Galaktazar. Fastened on this interesting story on the next super cartoon save our planet from an alien invasion. Cartoon was released in 2009 and received a lot of positive reviews from the world of film critics, as well as become like many children and adults. The main characters of the cartoon - funny monsters, perfectly drawn animators. Susan - the main character of the cartoon. That meteorite fell on her, who gave her superhuman abilities. First, she is trying to regain its previous form, but later the situation is changing. Missing Link - poluchelovek-poluryba. Found himself in a block of ice long ago, when the fish gradually evolved into bipedal. Through 20,000 years of its scientists thawed, but he escaped. Now he is in the secret lab and is fighting on the side of the monsters. B - an abbreviation of benzoate Ostilizin Bicarbonate - funny green mass, which has no clear contours. Result of the symbiosis usual tomato and chemical pudding. He has one eye, and, as can be seen because of its transparent body, other organs he does not have. At the end of the cartoon plays a major role. Dr. Cockroach - poluchelovek-polunasekomoe. Once he was an ordinary doctor, inventing means for transplantation into the human body of some properties of the survival of cockroaches. However, something went wrong and now his brain is imprisoned in the body of a cockroach. Like all scientists, he invents for the team of monsters various useful gizmos, albeit with some side effects. Insectosaurus - a product of small mutations in the giant insect larvae by nuclear reaction. His main weapon - he produces silk, which it immobilizes aliens. In the middle of the cartoon Insectosaurus turns into a giant butterfly. Galaktazar - chief evil cartoon character. He destroyed all life on his home planet and now wants to take over our planet in order to procreate their clones here. For this he needed substance is inside Susan. General Voyaker - forever mutter Commander monsters, which kept them under lock and key until until Galaktazar resurfaced. President Hathaway - very serious, however, is a very stupid president. Voyaker came to him with a proposal to release the alien armies against his army of monsters on the president readily agreed. Free Game Monsters vs. Aliens, available on our website online games allow you to play for one side or another and participate in their uncompromising battle. In addition, you can play as one of the main characters and other arcade toys. Games Monsters vs. Aliens are available for free without downloading, installation, registration, and other things. Everything you need - choose a side, for which you will beat the game and choose to allocate enough time, because the game will carry you in earnest! Great time and good mood is guaranteed! Susan and the team is waiting for you: start in Monsters vs. Aliens games to play right now!