You have to go to school monsters and play online games Monster High treat your teeth to return Drakulaure canines and other former pupils and white fortress.

School Monster (or Monster High) - a brand created in the United States. Under this name hides a rather eerie very real baby dolls. The idea is Garrett Sander, and the artist who created the images of these unusual shapes, there is enough known in the U.S. Kelly Riley. Starting the history of these dolls is dated summer 2010, when the screens went eponymous animated series. Each of the dolls according to legend, is a child of one of the most famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Medusa and others. In the cartoon protagonists - the children of famous monsters come to school monsters, which are common to all the monsters course. They are friends with the guys create their circles of interests, flaunt in front of each other sisters. Each of the students of this unusual school has some magical skill. Characters of this cartoon very much, however, the basic dolls are most often found on store shelves with toys as follows: • Frankie Stein - daughter of Frankenstein. One of the young girls of this company. Its main difference - it's black and white hair, pale skin and green colored eyes: one green, one blue. • Drakulaura - as you probably guessed it - a daughter of Count Dracula. According to legend, her whole in 1604 (for comparison, the age of Frankie Stein just a few days). Born in Valentine's Day - February 14. She is dark-haired with pink curls. Eyes light lilac color, as well as have a birthmark in the shape of heart. Like all vampires, she can not stand sunlight, so it often goes with an umbrella and uses sunscreen. However, she does not drink the blood - it is a vegetarian. • Claudine Wolf - daughter of the Werewolf. She's 15 years old and she is a real beauty! She has brown hair and yellow eyes. She is madly in love with all the fashionable and dreams of opening her fashion line. Claudine and Drakulaura - best friends. • Blue Lagoon - is the successor of the sea monster. She is blonde with blue curls and green eyes. She is the same age as Claudine. According to the scenario she arrived for the exchange of other schools, comparable to that in the present world, students come from Australia on an exchange in the United States to study. At Laguna funny Aussie accent, she is very open and athletic development. • Cleo de Nile - daughter of the mummy of Ramses de Nile. She is one of the oldest students - her 5842 year. She has black hair, golden curls, blue eyes and a small diamond on her face. In the story is the most popular cartoon special school. • Gulia Yelps - Daughter Zombies. Has an extraordinary intellect and is one of the best students in the school. Gulii blue hair, she wears glasses. Like all zombies, she does not speak human language, and publishes some sort of mooing. Cleo de Nile her best friend, which sometimes does not hesitate to use it. With these unusual dolls today released a large number of full games and small toys. On our site you can play one of the most exciting games of this series: treat teeth Monster High. Games Monster High treat teeth are popular not only among children but also adults thanks enough interesting gameplay. They do not need to download, you just select your favorite toy and start playing right on our site! School Games Monsters treat your teeth will make you forget about everyday problems, or just a break from their cases, or take a long time their kids fascinating process of dental treatment involving your favorite monsters dolls.