Minions Games Online

Who watched the cartoon "Despicable Me," remembers funny yellow robots, which have to play online games Minions, which also has their evil purple opposites.

Basically Minions online games lead to the section where gaming products based on the story, which has become popular, full-length animated film "Despicable Me 2". We are talking about cute little yellow creatures who helped the main character - Mr. Grew Feloniusu Meksonu in his daily life. They worked in a factory for the preparation of unique jelly, trimmed lawn of his house, preparing food, cleaning the house, looked after the children, doing laundry, building and repair. They had a lot of jobs, but the truth is, they do not always deal with them skillfully. Cheerful and mischievous, they are easily left unfinished business, fascinated with something new. Often their experiment went out of control, and innovative ideas turned around disaster. However, they never become discouraged and start to work again, having fun, laughing and talking on his fluent, funny, but completely incomprehensible language. Their appearance is also worthy of attention, because rarely seen such exotic creatures. Their body is oval in shape, which is located two and sometimes one eye at a thick lens on temechku growing bush of hair and clothes in the main suit, which is sometimes replaced by the time the other dresses. It should be noted that without them the game and cartoon mignon Rush would lose its flavor and that attraction that made funny creatures. You can play games Minions that resemble the original story. When the opponent of Mr. Grew invented a new kind of biological weapons, he kidnapped minions over which began to pursue his dangerous experiments. The result was stunning - each guinea become zombies. Once yellow good-natured now turned purple monsters sprinkles on all alive and torturing to complete dismemberment. Such "spoiled" minions became more until there was a huge army that can destroy a city. Time to find missing loved ones minions, Gru began to act. Discovered that you can still save the monsters if they affect the jelly with own factory. During the mission, armed jelly bubbles and throw them into a purple zombie minions, and for gaming account - do not ignore the collection of gum, candy jars with juice. Between Grew and Victor real war erupted. Last stole our hero dangerous weapon and now threatens the world. Open free games Minions and calls for help his troops. Insidious enemy is also not idle, and set you against aggressive robots, and sets in motion various mechanisms designed to stop yellow. Parts that come across in front, can be useful at any time, so certainly try to trim them. Passing mission, prepare for dangerous confrontations, skirmishes, climbing on skyscrapers, a maze and numerous levels. The task requires your serious and tactical decisions. Beware of attack from above and try to dodge the falling objects to not die in vain. But apart from the dangers and also waiting for surprises - Minions free games allow you to create the image of the crumb-minions. You yourself will decide what shape to make body, the shape of hair, attractive face and expression odezhku. Fragments can change indefinitely until the result does not seem like extravaganza. Then you can save the picture and even print on the printer. Also, along with the minions can catch sweets, play with pictures, remembering their location, find the numbers on the background of minions and other elements.