Get military awards possible in computer games, if you play online games Medal of Honor. Feel yourself as a fighter, defender of truth and justice.

The origin of the term, which characterizes one of the most popular gaming genres - shooter - impossibly corny. In the literal translation it means arrows respectively is a game where you have to shoot a lot. These games at one time there were some of the first after logical. The essence of the game is simple, as the term itself - the player is offered with different weapons to shoot a lot of enemies. That is, these games give the player a chance to feel like a superhero, which are subject to incredible opportunities. While realistic shooters appeared recently in the guise of the canonicity of the hero was a kind of invincible, that is, any injury took away a piece of the health parameters, but did not affect the functionality of the player character. Now, when the computer has enough resources to do the miscalculation of thousands of game problems, there were games of the new format, which is based not only hit or miss, but the impact of injuries in a particular part of the body on the operation of the player. No, it's not about banal headshots, everything is much more complicated. For example, when hit in the arm, a player can only shoot from one-handed weapon, and shot through the foot prevents move quickly. Thus uncontrolled firing becomes a separate genre, the name of which is not yet fully defined, and the shooters take on new dimensions. For example, tactical shooters require the player the ability to work in a team of bots. Trying to be a lone hero in this kind of game would need to go through the level again. So the shooter game genre change, but here are some themes remain timeless. For example, the theme of the Second World War. The number of shooters released in the gaming world, almost half touches on this subject. While variations on the theme are so diverse that it 's just hard to guess where the same imagination of developers will next time. As an example, include a series of vulfenshteyn games where players have to fight not with simple Nazis, and with elite SS troops, or rather a secret department, seeking to encourage the side of the Reich otherworldly forces. However, the most popular shooter games are realistic. For example, now a series Medal of Honor remains popular, despite the presence of many other games. Despite the current trends, play online for a medal for bravery in the original version does not allow. But we offer you a simple flash version dedicated to the legendary series. All are available from this page.