Online games Magical parents

Magic Games is the story of the parents on the cross with magical powers. Magic games allow parents and myself feel like a magician.

How to create an exemplary animated series? It's very simple. First you need to identify the target audience. If the product do for the little ones - it must be something in acid tones so that many eyes sliced ​​growns. And be sure to simple minimalist graphic style. That is, even if you are trying to portray the essence of the second phase of industrialization, the characters and objects in the picture must be composed of geometric primitives - squares, circles and other basic set of Photoshop tools. If the cartoon is designed for older children, commercials and 12 years, it should be specific to the period. These children already have at the appropriate level basic performance characteristics on the perception of colors and shapes, so poisonous colors - to give up. Do not forget that to guess at what stage of psycho-physiological development is a particular child is practically impossible, since some children are long, the other early maturing. The topic should be merry, but not stupid. For example, do not ride anything in the style of adventure kettle kipyatoshi on the banks of the river hemp. All that growns called Ukur - is the previous category. Well, after all dark for the multiplier. Children 13 + - dark wood, except for the teenage maximalism of them did not really know, that would not say illustrious teachers. One thing is clear: here the degree of development of girls and boys are so divergent that they need to make separate categories. Do not believe me - watch anime. The Japanese have long been divided by gender not only games, but also cartoons. Girls need love (no sex ), and their counterparts on sex - sex (without love). Girls can track the subtle plot twists, hidden behind the main line, and the boys do not tolerate boredom, and so veiled. All this is also clearly for the gaming market. The principles are the same, only to be distinguished from the gameplay of the story. Here, for example, play magical parents. Any grown will tell you that it's trite and hackneyed rip-off. And probably not even plagiarism and counterfeiting - pasted on the image of the other piece is not too fresh fotoshopiny with the image of the hero of the animated series. While this view is easily generate any child, not related to the target audience of this kind of game masterpieces. And that's just the very target audience without any suspicion eats with a spoon product of its kind, and says thank you. Magic games parents are good, but only for fans of the cartoon. Do not believe me - read and sign.