Free games Luntik and his friends

Luntik games online talk about a small UFO that fell from the moon and settle on our planet. Having started to play, you will also meet with his best friends.

Character of the animated series - Luntik become a real favorite among the kids. He came to Earth from the moon and landed on the sunny meadow, just like its inhabitants. They took him for a lunar bee and decided that he was a relative of the earth bees. Luntik appeared sociable, sweet, kind and always ready to help a friend. A spooky he still sweet tooth, and in view of the story never misses a chance to eat jam or Medcom. Games Luntik and his friends were a continuation of funny adventures lunar creation. Now small children can communicate with them directly, and not just watching the TV screen. Along with the hero, they will solve logical problems, make decisions, and seek to show dexterity. Everyone can Luntik games online free play and develop fully. All the stories about him - a sample positive, brightness, good mood. One day, my grandmother decided to make honey Luntik and asked him to gather in a meadow of flowers with pollen. Grandson loved honey and my grandmother, and therefore went errand. Driving a hero, little gamers must catch falling pollen and bring your harvest grandmother. At other times, confirming its reputation as a sweet tooth, he will try to get the jars of jam, and for this we need to knock down icicles, production fell to his feet. Each time, performing a task, children will learn new, become kinder and more sympathetic. It is such an educational touch developers laid all the games online for free Luntik. And after the passage of one of the level before starting the next kids, where again it is necessary to decide whether to seek and find. Together, they learn about edible plants and those that are in any case impossible. Learn how to determine the size and distance - more or less, below and above, wider and narrower, closer and further away. Learn the difference between animate objects and not between the vegetables, fruits and berries. They are waiting for a lot of useful and entertaining tests can teach useful things in an entertaining way. Games for girls coloring Luntik transform game in creativity and offer a fascinating picture, painting which they learn about the variety of colors. In our palettes they will find as many colors as no one in the box with paint or markers. And applying them, you can decorate the characters in the series in their native color or become an artist experimenting and come up with its own version. If the result does not suddenly fell in love, just drop it or erase individual elements and correct position, using a different color. All offer free Luntik and other process options. Numerous puzzles waiting to gather to tell its brief history. On each such image froze characters to resemble a scene from the cartoon. And only after collecting all the individual pieces in a single picture, you can see what it tells. A similar situation with Fifteen. Moving mixed squares, should put them in the correct order and combine. Next, pay attention to search for differences. At first glance illustrations seem identical, but it's worth a closer look, it becomes clear that this is not so. On one of them masked unnecessary details and children need to find all of them and click on them in italics mouse, so they immediately disappeared. Only when all differences are found, a new job. Continuing the theme of the search will also look for the same subjects at the two pictures, located nearby. When you click on them, they light up and disappear. There is even a game of Tetris with Luntik. Well, is not it wonderful?