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Man is by nature venturesome and finds ways to play with fate in luck. One possibility is the most common bingo. It all depends on luck and you can endlessly develop some universal winning scheme, but if Fortuna decided to turn back, it is difficult to persuade to show a little mercy. To get the grand prize, you must guess all the numbers in the table, but provided and smaller wins if for the complete set you are missing a couple of correct notation. What numbers have become victorious, a person learns at the appointed time, if the LP state lottery. But now more popular instant lotteries that are not weary waiting, and immediately inform you lucky or not. This form of entertainment was born BC. First drawings appear in ancient Greek myths. In the golden helmet placed colored stones and mixed, and then every soldier blindly took out one by one. But only one, designated in advance stone became a prize, allowing to join battle with the mighty Zeus himself. Similar to the game of Keno known since ancient Rome and ancient China. However, the proceeds from such a fun always left on the needs of the state and interesting is the fact that the Great Wall was erected, not without a financial infusion lottery. But in Rome during the reign of Julius Caesar often acted not only for personal gain, but also staged a lottery to help the poor. In the crowd handing out papers, among which were winning, and who caught a happy piece, he received a small sum of money. Middle Ages and the period is not so remote in history also marked conduct lotteries. Moreover, any wealthy person could declare about it and spend at its own expense. But the rules were often poorly designed and organizer remained in negative territory. Lottery root in America, Europe and Russia. However, with the advent of Soviet power in 1918 it banned the power of the CPC, as a relic. But with the advent in 1921 of famine and devastation, the lottery and remembered again legalized. Became famous and popular "Sports Lottery", where in addition to the different amounts of money people have won things: cars, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and even traveling. But sometimes reached the point of absurdity - lottery tickets instead of forcibly handed delivery and as a bonus. There is still a lottery, and we know Keno, Golden Key, Russian lotto, bingo and the variety has proved a game of bingo online. Each is made in bright colors and are accompanied by pleasant music, to create a specific mood. Russian lotto game is familiar to many from the desktop version, when houses were necessarily such. While leading the bag pulls out kegs with figures disclosing their loud, players have to find them on their cards. When not close all of cardboard chips with numbers, it is considered advantageous. With the last move you will feel the sensation of being tickled, which comes from the satisfaction made good game, especially as we only free bingo games. Anyone can open any bingo games for free. They provided many interesting versions have stylized television shows, bingo and a classic look for the children. For example, play a game of bingo with Dora even allow that so often entertains the kids, helping them to master a certain task. When a girl shows another color sea star, the same need to have time to find on your card. There are also images of animals, birds and plants, young gamers to play it more fun.