Online games Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Games offer his version of events about a girl who went through the dark woods to grandmother. What is waiting for her to come, you know, starting to play online.

Little Red Riding Hood Games will be a great leisure pastime not only for adults but also for children. The game gives you the opportunity to travel to the magical world, the universe of the popular and familiar to us all from childhood tales. Free Game Little Red Riding Hood we offer the most diverse functional: you can try out different genres of games on one and the same, all perfectly familiar, theme. On our site you can play free games Red Riding Hood. They will plunge into the feeling experienced by listening to this story in childhood. Such pure emotion that a child experiences, sympathizing and empathizing with the main character, is very difficult to find in adult life. In Little Red Riding Hood game play will be interesting not only in the usual storyline: there are options with a variety of plot development. Maybe you will like to create your own ending for the popular children's fairy tales, personally become the main character and her creator! "Red Riding Hood" is a folk tale European, which tells the reader the story about a little girl met a gray wolf. First literary adaptations made folk tale Charles Perrault, and to the usual for us all since it led the Brothers Grimm. It is worth noting that the story about a girl who went alone into a dangerous forest journey was popular in Italy and France from the Middle Ages. Since the 14th century, the story particularly popular in woodland Alpine foothills. Some historians tend to believe that fairy tale composed in Tyrol, and from there it spread throughout the world. However, direct evidence for such a claim has not. Passed from mouth to mouth story varied, although it retained a certain line. As for the details, they changed the way that the narrator wanted, most varied content baskets that carried Red Riding Hood. In the south of France people were convinced that the heroine wore grandmother pot pie and butter in Switzerland girl carrying the head of a young cheese, while the northern Italian woman carrying a basket in its fresh fish. Most folk stories story tale ended on that wolf ate the girl surprised after the issue caused by the large size of the teeth. First tried to treat people's story and bring the history of morality Charles Perrault. Copyright removed all unpleasant moments deduced from the plot and character-cat time of death girl. But he replaced it all - a violation of the rules of propriety girl with wolf. Morality was to morality in the end of the story: young ladies were supposed to be wary of the seduction because many of them hid the wolf under the guises of men. The version history of the Red Riding Hood, which is known to us today was written on paper in a hundred years after the death of Perrault. But the most common and popular fairy tale did the Brothers Grimm. What added to the Brothers Grimm story? - Tale was created by a happy ending: the woodcutters took place next to the hut grandmother heard a noise, ran and killed the wolf; - Returned item grandmother's death and girls;