Colorful, good and exciting online games Lion King does not allow to play one evening, folding puzzles, saving the cub Simba from alligators and play in other subjects.

Several years ago, the world was in theaters re-premiere cartoon that made cry of everyone who has ever watched the brainchild of Disney - "The Lion King." Cartoon itself dates back to 1994. Won two Oscars, three prize "Golden Globe" and "Grammy", this animated film has the right to be called a cult. The story about little Simba, who after the death of his father was forced to leave their native lands, left no one indifferent. Cartoon story known to all as day. The king Mufassy savanna and his wife Sarabi cub born - little Simba. It would seem that could happen? But the treacherous Scar, brother Mufassy builds evil plan, during which Mufassa dies, and Simba, convinced his uncle that it was he responsible for the death of his father, leaving their native lands. Takes many years. Simba grows with Puiboy and Timon. Their life is perfect. One day, Simba accidentally stumbles upon in the woods Nala childhood friend, who tells him that Scar savanna looted. Simba first agrees to return, but a longtime friend of the deceased Mufassy - Rafiki persuades a young lion. After long battles Simba Scar takes over, throwing off the last to hyenas, which tore it to shreds. Ends with the birth of Simba and Nala have a toddler, marking a continuation of history in the second part. Inhabitants of Savannah: Mufassa - the king of all the Pride, Simba's father; Sarabi - Simba's mother; Simba - Mufassy heir, the future King of Pride; Nala - Simba's friend since childhood; Scar - the evil and treacherous brother Mufassy; Timon and Pumbaa - meerkats and wild boar, inseparable friends grow Simba; Rafiki - old friend Mufassy helping Simba find the right path; One of the first games story cartoon "The Lion King" was the same name game for Sega and Play Station. The game was almost identical story cartoon. Needle consisted of 10 levels and the final enemy - Scar. The game has great graphics, as on its development work the same artists that worked on the same cartoon. A few years later began to appear different flash games that continued to delight fans of the cult cartoon. The Lion King online games have become one of the most popular entertainment for fans of Simba and his friends. In the game you can play The Lion King not only through a computer, but using the tablet and phone. The most popular of all games are not strange, it puzzles "The Lion King." These free games Lion King not only bright and colorful, but also promote the development of attention and memory. Plus, get a picture, you can print out and hang himself in his room, as a prize for their efforts and work. Not far behind puzzles and so-called "dress up." That game where you have to put Simba - one of the favorite games for girls. Already from the name of "The Lion King: Simba dress" clear what the task will be set in the game, but not so predictable. The game should not just pick the clothes of the young lions, but also to find the form tail, ears, muzzle, choose what he will have a mustache. This process is very interesting for those who like to experiment. Never seen a lion with a green mane? Here you can translate their fantasies into reality. In third place in popularity - game where you have to find the differences between the two pictures. It may not be as exciting as folding puzzles or selecting a new style of the future King of the Pride, but these games with your favorite cartoon characters, will develop your memory. So, knowing the online game The Lion King for a long time you do not want to play in anything.