Free Game Lines

Lines game free teach you to think logically, building objects in a single line. They can play for free, putting the pieces in a row, or putting each other blocks.

Lines game balls 98 became a real discovery for owners of personal computers in the late 90s. While it was difficult to find a person on the computer which would not have been installed this game. The reason for such a huge popularity? First, free game lines were much more interesting solitaire standard that offers the user the operating system Windows. Secondly, the game turned out great way to relax for office workers. Play this game it was fashionable, sometimes arranged real competition between members of different departments in corporations. Today Game Balls Lines 98 moved into flash format, thus available to any Internet user. It is also noteworthy that in all the variety of genres that can offer modern flash-industry, games online free Balls Lines have great popularity ratings. At first glance, it seems unusual: the popularity of the game, which is reduced to roll colored balls within a limited field, but for any person should only begin to play, and will not let the excitement stop! Original 90s «Lines 98" was developed by programmers Russian exiles in the United States. The first game was launched on computers with the Windows operating system in 1992. Naturally, since his first game development has repeatedly been subjected to serious changes in design, well received most popular version, released in '98. Although compared to the original version, in '98 there was nothing particularly radical changes or deviations from the gameplay, but extremely successful was developed by design. The secret of the game in a unique and fun gameplay that exclusively simple: all you need to do is to move the colored balls on the field with a square 9x9 size square cells. Goal of the game - as simple, you need to dial the maximum possible number of points. Each player starts with the fact that in front of him on the screen are displayed in random order three scoops. One approach allows moving only one of these balls to roll with it can only free cell available on the field. Directions for motion only available direct: can not move diagonally. The purpose of moving colored balls - to collect a column of figures of one color, earning points for it. Number of points earned is directly proportional to the number of balls that are able to gather in the same row. That is, the more balls of the same color were collected in the same row, the more points the player receives. Minimum number of balls it takes to kill a number and get points - 5 pieces. Having read the previous paragraph, most people deem this game elementary. That's just in practice such an opinion is not true. Earn points very, very difficult. Each course for which disappeared one row field adds new balls that will be placed in random order and will easily be able to destroy all the player's strategy. The game ends when the playing field is not space for new beads. It should be noted that the Cubs this happens pretty quickly. Nevertheless, a fascinating process and the excitement leads to the fact that I want to play the game again and again. Too many of us fans set new records, even if the previous ones were achieved by us! The popularity of the game led to the fact that there was so many versions that differed from the classical and brings something new, some novelty in the gameplay. However, judging by the comments of people who have tried various available versions of the game, the most exciting yet remains a classic version. So to say: "Classics of the genre." Explains the popularity of the classic version and the game is quite objective reasons: - The process of building a long line of very complicated, which is why playing in this version is the most interesting; - Possibility of the return stroke, so people can insure themselves against totally random error, which overlaps the entire line up their strategy; - In the classic version available for the player prompts three levels; - The classic version is not burdened with any unnecessary elements: graphics simple and unobtrusive, nothing distracts the eye and does not throw the level of concentration on the gameplay. The development of modern technology takes advantage of the hanging for your favorite game for anyone wanting all that is needed - is access to the Internet.