Lego games Legends of Chima narrate dreamland Cheema clans and animals that suddenly took up arms against each other. Having started playing online, help them restore order.

There is always something happening Legoland and appear before you today Lego games Cheema ready to tell about the bizarre and magical world Cheema in which vital energy of its inhabitants, as well as their transport supported Chi energy in abundance the hillside Kaoru. Distributes it between the wolf clan, crocodiles, gorillas, Raven and Orlov most ancient - clan Lions. He appeared on this earth as the earliest and therefore is dominant. Until then everything went just fine, and people were happy with their government. But always will be found one who is dissatisfied or doubt the validity of decisions of those in power. Crocodiles Lions once suspected of unfair distribution of power between the tribes and began to incite others to rebellion. They managed to get his, and started big coup in which tribal leaders raised his people to resist each other. Games Lego Legends of Chima designed to show you a truly stressful situation, and offer to take part in it, standing on the side of one of the clans. Do you have a long and arduous war, where the weapons used all the same energy Chi. Explosions are more like colorful fireworks, but do not be fooled - one such hero cotton tear to pieces, ie bricks of Lego. Each representative of the animal world and their abilities as they progress through the game they constantly improve, increasing their knowledge and experience, upgradeable weapons and armor. Artifacts found and another victory for faster help achieve the perfect level. Discovering Legends Lego games Chima, you'll pass the different levels, fight with all new enemies, collect bunches magic magic and bonuses. Go to the next test is possible only after successful completion of the current mission and crushing victory over the enemy. Each version of the game Lego Legends Cheema will play in different directions, and sort things out even during racing competitions. Powerful chimatsikly already gorged Chi energy and ready to record. Have to contend with serious opponents, which sometimes hinder you reach your goal, setting traps and obstacles. But you should not reduce speed to overcome all difficulties, to collect pieces of Lego and magic crystals. For the excellent work get awards and medals, as well as the opportunity to make tuning machines, improved it. Release their energy, starting in Chima Lego games to play, and we follow carefully to ensure that you are always in abundance were the creators of new ideas as the original product. Each player will diversify your leisure time playing action games online Lego Cheema or indulging in an exciting collection of the elements of the scene designer. Each brick will serve the purpose and it settles to the specified location to bring the opening moment of the battle between two irreconcilable clans Lion and Crocodile. Of small blocks suddenly grow powerful speedboat or chimatsikl, and to make it possible, drag items and place them in the correct order as if you collect puzzle. Free Games Lego Cheema surprise the kids and are a great hanging out.