Online Games Lego Super Heroes combined all known Marvel comic book characters, and now they make their exploits in the vast Legoland, inviting you to play for free.

American company Marvel (Marvel), translated as "miracle." We can not accept that her comics surprising diversity, magical metamorphoses heroes living in incredible worlds with their own laws of the genre. Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk and other characters makes no sense to talk in detail, because they have long been loved and became recognizable. Publication of a journal they are easily moved to the cinema, winning a fantastic genre of movies and cartoons. Virtual world has become their new playground and home, where each character appears in a new role, invites players to join them and experience the incredible, dizzying adventure, take a lot of feats, to show courage, demonstrate the logic and intelligence, observation and agility, as well as to prove himself creatively. Among such diversity encountered quite unique products, among which occupy a worthy place Lego superheroes games. We already know how generous for individual worlds is Legoland, but it seems that her fantasy will never stop creating new gaming products. Along with the other series, super Lego games are filled with cheerful energy, magic and dynamic events. Each character has great potential, and their positive or destructive are always fascinates, attracts and never lets attention. Wolverine - one of the favorite and controversial characters. It simultaneously coexist strength and sorrow, cruelty and compassion, own pain and tenderness to others. Simultaneously good and evil, he is ready to cut apart its sharp claws of those who decided to disrupt the balance of power and the established order. During Lego Super Heroes game, he reflects the attack Magneto, who throws him cars. Trying not to fall under this terrible iron rain catching some parts even useful, as they bring additional points. And waited until Magnet reduced and closer to the ground, just attack him and destroy the troublemaker. The number of lives Wolverine and Magneto indicated scale, and you'll see which one of you is close to victory. Captain America fight with Loki, but your help is needed it too. Controlling them on a motorcycle during the game super Lego, pick an enemy close to attack a shield to those long, until it dies. But the path of the brave rider has its dangerous obstacles. If gape can end up in asphalt crack and fall under it, on icy puddles steel horse to lose control, and soldiers stand in the way and hinder the implementation of a sacred mission. To kill the soldiers, again resort to the shield, and trouble on the road can be circumvented by sending motorcycle into the springboard. Do not forget about the bonuses, because collecting them, you complete the game account and make their victory more real. In a similar situation would be the Incredible Hulk and projecting while playing Lego Superman against Loki. Of course, he himself could deal with the enemy, but together you get it much better. He runs, and you just point it route that he did not fail under the asphalt, and give the command prompt to action. For each demolition you earn points, and when you reach the goal, faced with Loki head-on, fling him in the car for the time being, until a life-affirming scale does not fall to zero. Only then you will discover a field on which the result will be reflected already counted the winner in this crazy race.