Again we underwater town of Bikini Bottom, but a new interpretation of online games Lego SpongeBob where you can play with Bob, Patrick, Sandy, and other characters.

If you think about Legoland country resembles a large mirror, which reflects the familiar worlds, but transforms them in his own way, making each object or even being in the design of Lego parts. In this mysterious new space, everything looks familiar, while differences are seen. It has everything: cosmic expanses, excavations, mining, marine travel, fighting monsters, undead literary works, fantastic measurement cartoon heroes. Opening game where all the bricks piled designer, you realize that you become the creator of a new history, self-erecting structures and living beings inhabiting the territory, and the idea of ​​thematic sets the direction. Getting in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom SpongeBob Lego games, you're bound to meet the hero and his companions. They continue to have fun, fight enemies, think adventure, to celebrate the holidays. Popular American game of baseball section and opens with starfish Patrick and Sandy the squirrel will defend the honor of the city sports, competing with the team anchovies. But it would be boring to stick to the traditional rules, but because you will have the choice of familiar bits or blades, which SpongeBob flips burgers on the plate, and in addition to the traditional ball try to use cheesy or cutlet. Asking him the speed, direction and angle of flight, type of opponent in bewilderment and win this competition for the city. We already know that Bob is a big fan of adventure and sometimes it leads to trouble craving. Launching the process of playing Lego SpongeBob, accompany our hero on the walk to the disadvantaged areas of the city. He does not understand that doing here, but curiosity led them imperceptibly researchers in this area. Just seeing the bandits around, he realized, in what has got trouble. He needs to get out, but other than bubbles him nothing more. It turned out that this is enough and when he is approached by dude, let a bubble that will absorb the enemy. Is it worth it to go through him as he burst moment and will drop useful artifact. Pick a find and earn to approach the level leading to freedom. Only to those unreliable characters do not come close, otherwise you will find yourself a victim. Very funny look the game SpongeBob Lego pro boxing. You create your athlete before releasing it into the ring. Every detail is moving arrows, substituting a new option to the body. When the result is happy to submit a monster created by boxing pad, well, SpongeBob will be your most loyal fan. When Bikini Bottom comes Halloween, Bob sent his first mark. But this time he clearly overdone and actually turned into zombies. Green face makes him a monster, and you must help him to return to their appearance. Directing it to the perimeter, try not to fall into a trap and destroy the evil creatures. But collecting artifacts, weapons and some surprises at the levels will bring healing Bob. It will happen gradually, so be patient and watch the smooth metamorphosis hero. And while playing Lego SpongeBob can play with a share of enthusiasm and humor. Arranging a vacation on the deck, Bob decided to make photographs of friends. But they all take boring poses and is quite interesting. Throw them in the shells and fish lens moment sincere indignation.