Like speed? Then online games Lego Racers free offer to show their abilities. Develop speed and try to keep your car on the track.

Racing live, live and always will live! This genre was born more slot machines and never leave the virtual road. His movement began with cars, then there cars. With the growth of computer technology games have become more attractive, smooth control, color images acquired, then the volume, and more recently have become so realistic that it seems directly are present inside the car. A light touch on the levers responds lightning response equipment and a full entourage lacks the smell of gasoline and scorched tires. In the races participate tractors, trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles. Yes, that really there - rollers, skis, skateboards, dragons, flying broom, and all sorts of vehicles from fairy tales and our realities. Children and adults alike have long settled in the following categories, offering to test the speed and drive on the roads. We open another option to test yourself behind the wheel - Lego games race. Lego world like a fairy tale, and therefore a kind of race here. Machines are assembled from colored bricks designer, but are an example of strength and reliability. They do not shatter and not throw off the wheel at high speed. Dispersed, they fly to the finish line, trying to win the next race Lego racing game. Challenging tracks will not allow to relax - sharp turns and obstacles await you at every turn. In the course and will have to collect items such as yellow flags to fill the game score points. Serve the same purpose of tricks that included a mandatory program, and jumping is only a small part of what you have to do. Opponents are just waiting when you get off the road and always willing to help in this, pitting the road - good Samaritans! Games Lego cars, it will not quiet fun bedtime and rising drive, excitement with the release of adrenaline and courage. Only the strongest will pass all the tests to the end and win this infernal race. Choosing the competition on the racetrack or installed on rough terrain, be prepared for the unexpected. To bring the game Lego City race to reality provided refueling machine, change tires and minor repairs in the pit stops. Short stop should not discourage you, because there is still a tense struggle. City streets presented its surprises and rapid movement threatens collision with fixed objects and transport. Easy roll, and you have already yuloy fidget in the air to a second fall on its side or roof. Cost leave the course, to compete you do not allow it. Ha, whether because of this upset? Just restart the game or level again to again join in the contest. Well, this time you just sever all on the road! Lego games to play the race - it's cool! This feature is designed for those who are in life always strive forward to conquering new heights, is in perpetual motion. Since Lego is constantly evolving and creates destinations not only desktop version of the constructor, but also computer games, one can predict that the racing series and expand its borders. In order not to miss any of the fun, we recommend to take conservation measures in the tabs of this section. And since mobile people always sociable, they have a lot of friends who share their passion. To please mates, send them a link to the game Lego race, and after discuss and compare the impressions received. For the best friends we have only the best games!