Think during online game Lego Kingdoms own fighting strategy and hold the lock protection. Only in this case will be very interesting to play.

Regret having been born in the days of knights, princesses, dragons and tournaments? Do not worry, this era seems only romantic height of modernity. Writers and screenwriters have taken care to present it in the best light, but not so rosy in fact everything was beautiful and lived only the rich and famous. It is better to dwell in the home twenty-first century, enjoying the fruits of civilization and playing games Lego Kingdom. Here for fun can take part in competitions of chivalry, to defend the castle from the enemy, to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages and even slay a dragon, not steaming in hard armor. Lego kingdom games contradict each other, the two orders - the Lion and the Dragon. They have long been staying in the feud and clashes always end hostilities. Even an encounter on the road leads to the fact that both parties draw their swords and fight to the death. Choose one of the control orders and proceed to action. While Dragons coach trip, Lviv armed group trying to catch up with them and break. If you liked the look of the Dragon more, and you want to save them, then try to get-away, directing his crew along the forest paths. But even if you manage to escape from the fierce Lions, it does not mean that your tracks are no longer intersect. For you again hard choice on which side to defend the truth. In any case, do not avoid the hassle and opting for a particular power, will show the courage to defend your own castle, the king and the people, or to attack the enemy to break into the fortress and complete campaign complete victory. True - twofold thing and not always unambiguous. Swearing allegiance to his king, you become an enemy for what controls the neighboring lands. Political intrigue regarding ownership royals who are trying to extend its influence beyond its borders, to regain the lands of others and enrich themselves at their expense. Knights ideals honorably served his master and always remained loyal to their oath given, freed his land from enemies, rescuing family members and dreaming to get a hand of the beautiful princess. And now you have the honor to play Lego kingdom, trying to free from captivity beautiful maiden. Going to the lock, ready to fight not with tangible enemies, and placed traps already in the main hall. One wrong step, and no matter how brave knight himself did not think he could do nothing, flying upside down in a dark dungeon. In order to become successful, listen to your heart, including logic and leave for fear threshold. The only way you will pass all the tests with dignity, to rescue the daughter of the king and will win her heart. The next time the mission is no less dangerous - the release and protection of settlement. If the enemy captures your land and destroy crops - distills the enemy army. Still try to collect all the coins to fill up your wallet and the funds to hire new soldiers, new settlers to pay for their work on the ground, buy pets and develop arable land. Money for all this will need a lot, so do not miss what lies underfoot. On another occasion, will fight on the catapults, when both armies are opposite and hurl missiles at enemy troops.